Isabel Anadon

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Isabel Anadon

Isabel Anadon

Research Interests

Criminology & Criminal Justice; Detention and Prisons; Law and Society; Migration; Punishment; Race and Ethnicity, Research Methods


Isabel Anadon is Assistant Professor of Sociology. Her work examines how changes and shifts in the legal system and changing definitions and norms of punishment, over time, impact the lives of those punished and the accompanying structural changes that accrue to their familial and social networks. Working at the intersection of punishment and race and ethnicity, she uses a socio-legal framework to advance the theoretical and empirical study of modern-day immigration law, its intertwining with criminal law, and the disproportionate impact on immigrant and racialized groups over the last half-century. Her current work documents and analyzes the systematic extension of immigration enforcement and control at the subnational level, across U.S. jurisdictions and states.


  • PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2023 
  • MS, University of Wisconsin, 2018
  • MPP, University of Chicago, 2005
  • BA, University of Notre Dame, 1998

Recent Courses

  • SOC 293, Social Research Methods
  • SOC 337, Sociology of Punishment