Meet Our Students

Based on faculty and instructor nominations to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, the department chooses one undergraduate major  to feature in our monthly Sociology & Criminology Student Spotlight. This program recognizes the extraordinary achievements, accomplishments, and activities of our undergraduate students.

Current Student Spotlight:

  • April 2024: Sara Bachraty

    Our Student Spotlight for this month goes to Sara Bachraty! Sara was drawn to Sociology because “I've always been fascinated by society and social rules, and I have tremendous respect for the value of data, especially when considering such personal topics that Sociology analyzes.” After graduating this semester, Sara will continue her academic career here at UB’s Law School.


    Congratulations on being our April Spotlight Student, Sara!

Previous Student Spotlights

  • March 2024: Dylan McCann
    This month, we are recognizing Dylan McCann as our March 2024 Student Spotlight Award Winner! Dylan is currently running the Sociology Club at UB, which has “given me the opportunity to refine my ability to communicate to others the importance of certain sociological themes.” After graduation, Dylan plans on pursuing graduate school to continue exploring his sociological interests.
  • February 2024: Genelly Nunez
    Pctured here is Genelly Nunez, our February 2024 Student Spotlight Award Winner! Genelly chose to major in sociology because it “will aid me in creating change in police and mental health care issues that deprive my community of opportunity and success.” Genelly will graduate in 2026, and plans to pursue a graduate degree in counseling.
  • December 2023: Jayda Holmes
    Pictured here is this month’s Student Spotlight award winner, Jayda Holmes, during her time studying abroad in London! Jayda chose to major in sociology because “gaining an understanding of society on macro and micro scales allows me to make the world a better place.” Following graduation, Jayda plans on pursuing a master’s degree in higher education.
  • November 2023: Laraina Westcott
    We are pleased to introduce Laraina Westcott as our November 2023 Student Spotlight Award Winner! Laraina chose to major in Sociology because “I am passionate about social justice issues, and find the history and links between sociological aspects interesting.” Laraina plans on continuing their graduate education following graduation.
  • October 2023: Sam Daponte
    We are pleased to introduce Sam Daponte as our October 2023 Student Spotlight Award Winner! Originally unsure of a major, Sam found his calling after completing Introduction to Sociology. Sam notes, “the key concepts, theories, and ideas I was introduced to fostered a new chapter in my life.” In the future, Sam plans on pursuing a graduate degree in Sociology.
  • September 2023: Emily Sweeney
    We are pleased to introduce Emily Sweeney as our September 2023 Student Spotlight Award Winner! Emily is currently pursuing a degree in criminology and psychology, with an anticipated graduation date of 2025. Emily chose to major in criminology because “I was really interested in the way that individuals interact with each other and how the systems/institutions around us shape our behavior."
  • May 2023: Aaron Davis
    Our May Spotlight Student, Aaron Davis, hails from Albany, but wasted no time in forming a community here in Buffalo.  In his first year at UB he was already hosting open mic nights at the local Hillel.  Now wrapping up his sophomore year, he continues to be active in the Jewish community, while staying busy with his Sociology/English double major and Spanish minor (and rooting for the Mets!).