Final Exam Info

How does the Optional Final work?

All ULC courses offer two grading options*:

  1. Option A considers only coursework and exams completed during the semester
  2. Option B is the same with the addition of a final exam

*See a sample syllabus for more information about the grading options

The ULC final exam is an optional exam, meaning that students will ultimately decide if they would like to take the exam or not, based on their standing in the course.  Students who have already earned an “A” in the course (through grading Option A) have no need to take the final exam as they cannot improve upon their grade.  For others, it may be worthwhile to take the final exam as a means of increasing their current grade in the course.

Any student who elects to take the final exam automatically agrees to the use of grading Option B for the calculation of their final grade in the course!  This means, if a student performs poorly on the final exam, his or her grade for the course could decrease.

Is the final exam the same for all students?

The department implemented a common final exam for all ULC 148 students in the Spring 2017 semester.  The base exam will be the same no matter which section you are in or which instructor you have.  However, please keep in mind that individual instructors may choose to include additional material for their particular students.  All students will have a maximum of three (3) hours to complete the final exam.

ULC 147 does not have a departmental common final exam at this time.

What if I take a ULC course during the Winter or Summer sessions?

At this time, ULC courses offered during the winter and summer sessions do not utilize a final exam.  Therefore, grading Option B is removed and all students’ final grades are calculated using Option A.