Online Courses

During Winter and Summer sessions, the ULC offers online courses.

What are the online courses like?

Each online ULC course is offered over the winter and summer semesters.  The winter course lasts 3 weeks and the summer course lasts 6 weeks.  Students will work through a specially designed curriculum – an online, self-paced mathematics learning environment.  Students are supported with supplemental instructional videos and note sheets, synchronous virtual office hours, and review sheets for each exam.

Is an online course right for you?

Online courses in general tend to require more self-discipline and motivation than traditional seated courses.  Students are expected to work through curriculum almost independently with a much less instructor guidance.

The ULC online courses are no exception.  With the winter session for example, a 15-week class has been condensed to just 3 weeks.  Students will need to devote ample time each day (between 4-6 hours) to completing course work in order to finish on time.

ULC online courses are ideal for students who:

  • have a solid mathematics foundation from high school and just need a refresher before taking calculus or statistics
  • previously took the course and either failed or want to earn a better grade
  • are self-directed and motivated enough to keep pace with an accelerated online course
  • have the necessary time available to devote to daily course work
  • are able to make it to campus or an approved testing center for the three (3) scheduled exams

Here are some additional resources you can consult if you still aren’t sure whether or not an online course is right for you: