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Phi Beta Kappa members.
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"Love of learning is the guide of life"

Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate liberal arts honors society in America. It celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts — the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences — and also sponsors activities to advance these studies in higher education and in society as a whole.

Only about 10 percent of the nation’s colleges and universities have Phi Beta Kappa chapters.

Only about 10 percent of the arts and sciences graduates of these colleges and universities are selected for Phi Beta Kappa membership.

Each year only about one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join Phi Beta Kappa.

At UB, minimal standards of eligibility for membership include:

  • An undergraduate liberal arts degree program, defined as a BA or BS degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences or the undergraduate degree programs of the School of Medicine and Biomedical Science.
  • Completion of 90 hours with a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher; at least 60 credit hours must be from coursework taken at UB and not from another institution
  • Breadth in the liberal arts as shown by the number, variety and quality of courses taken outside of the major, including at least enough to fulfill the University’s general education requirements or their equivalent.
  • Intermediate proficiency in a foreign language, defined as demonstrated proficiency and/or the equivalent of successful college-level study to the intermediate level.

The University at Buffalo’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa selects its members annually in January. Students who are selected are notified in early February. A formal induction ceremony is held in April or May each year.

PBK Elections Committee:
Shelley Kimelberg (PBK ‘94), Social Sciences Interdisicplinary Degree Program
Jonathan Bonebrake (PBK ‘00), School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Salvatore Rappoccio (PBK ‘99), Department of Physics
Randy Schiff (PBK '94), Department of English
Megan Stewart (PBK ‘05), Office of Fellowships and Scholarships

Phi Beta Kappa Induction Ceremony.

Congratulations to our 2022 Inductees!

• Absolom A. Abraha, Political Science BA, Sociology BA

• Amirah Bagum Abuthahir, Singapore Psychology BA

• Eric J. Alcalde, Linguistics BA

• Hannah J. Anderson, Biomedical Science BS

• Kara L. Anderson, English BA, Spanish BA

• Nikoleta Antoniou Karademitrou, Psychology BA

• Bradley B. Balk, Biotechnology BS

• Natalie M. Barcia-Varno, Communication BA

• Ritika Jigneshkumar Bhajiawala, Biological Sciences BS

• Kylie K. Brosnan, Communication BA

• Claudia Cabrera, Economics BA, Business Administration BS

• Katherine A. Camper, Biological Sciences BS

• Nadia T. Cannistra, Psychology BS

• Savannah A. Chadwick, Political Science BA, Economics BA

• Eric J. Cicero, Geological Sciences BS

• Denice Cioara, Sociology BA

• Zoe L. Cohen, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA

• Sarah L. Comer, Biochemistry BS

• Christopher T. Conklin, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA

• Jada A. Dejesus, Psychology BA

• Paul A. Dewan Jr., Physics BA, Biological Sciences BS

• James R. Ellegate Jr., Biochemistry BS

• Tibyan S. Elzain, Psychology BS

• Emily E. Eng, Biological Sciences BA

• Morounfoluwa B. Erinfolami, Philosophy BA

• Michelle E. Eubank, Biomedical Science BS

• Brittany Fenton, Psychology BA

• Santina R. Gerstner, Speech & Hearing Science BA

• Elizabeth A. Gilles-Thomas, Psychology BA

• Ryan T. Glasser, Psychology BA, Mathematics BA

• Krista M. Gliszczynski, English BA, Psychology BA

• John F. Grabda IV, Economics BA, Chemistry BA

• Lauren M. Guy, Economics BA, English BA

• India L. Hamilton, Political Science BA

• Alexis K. Harrell, Psychology BA, Sociology BA

• Alexis Heng, English BA, History BA, Classics BA

• Kaitlyn R. Horvath, English/English Education Combined BA

• Zahin T. Hossain, Biological Sciences BA

• Siana E. Jacobs, Music Performance MUSB, Biomedical Science BS

• Rachel V. Jennetti, Media Study BA

• Peyton C. Joyce, Psychology BS

• Summiaya Khan, English BA

• Kristen E. Kibler, Psychology BA

• Samantha Klinkman, Mathematics BS


• Srikrithi Krishnan, Psychology BA, Public Health BS

• Estherbelle Shi Lee, Singapore Communication BA

• Madelyn G. Lemay, History BA

• Sarah C. Lewis, Biomedical Science BS

• David D. Lichte, Psychology BS

• Lufeiya Liu, Statistics BA, Mathematics BA

• Mark Vernon M, Singapore Psychology BA

• Anna M. Markey, Spanish/Spanish Education Combined BA

• Marion R. McDonnell, Media Study BA

• Caitlyn A. Mckee, Linguistics BA

• Shayna Mindell, Psychology BA

• Netra Mittal, Mathematics BA, Economics BA

• Snigdha Motadaka, Computer Science BS

• Esther Na, Legal Studies BA, Psychology BA

• Khanh Tuong (Haven) Nguyen, Media Study BA, Business Administration BS

• Ava I. O'Hara, Psychology BA

• Stella Oh, Art History BA, Studio Art BA

• Adina R. Olbrys, Anthropology BA, Classics BA

• Angelina M. Pacholczak, Psychology BA

• Richard A. Pasternack, Biomedical Science BS

• Brendan R. Perreault, Biomedical Science BS

• O. Fiona Pratt-MacDonald, Sociology BA

• Danielle K. Redfield, History BA

• Michaela C. Rumley, Psychology BA, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA

• Destiny A. Rust, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA

• Haley E. Salandra, Speech & Hearing Science BA

• Julia M. Shapiro, Mathematics BS

• Brian Silva, Psychology BS

• Jackson N. Slahta, Classics BA

• Grayson W. Smith, Psychology BS

• Hannah L. Smith, Studio Art BA

• Kyle J. Sobon, Environmental Studies BS, Political Science BA

• Eun-Myung Mary Song, Biological Sciences BS

• Caroline N. Spaulding, History BA, Geography BA, Geographic Information Science BS

• Aman Timalsina, Computer Science BA, Mathematics BA

• Li Jie Tan, Singapore Psychology BA, Singapore Sociology BA

• Shanaz Uddin, Political Science BA

• Thomas J. Vellek, Media Study BA

• Sabita Vijayan, Singapore Sociology BA

• Sarah A. Wack, History BA

• Brianna M. Walker, Biomedical Science BS

• Zachary M. Zaharkin, Biological Sciences BS

• Callista C. Zayatz, Biomedical Science BS

• Xinyi Zhang, Mathematics BS

• Cooper W. Zwanka, Political Science BA