Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates

Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate Certificates are not baccalaureate degree-granting programs. The individual curricula have been designed to help students master specialized skills related to their field of study. Certificates may only be completed concurrently with a baccalaureate degree. 

Creative Writing – Department of English
Game Studies – Department of Media Study
Journalism – Department of English

Advanced Certificates

Advanced Certificates are multidisciplinary certifications that can be pursued to supplement an existing graduate degree track or to complete coursework as a non-matriculated student. 

Advanced Computational Science – Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Applied Economics – Department of Economics
Contemporary Music Performance – Department of Music
Data Analysis in Social Science – Graduate Interdisciplinary Program
Developmental Science – Department of Psychology
Evolution, Ecology and Behavior – Department of Geological Sciences
GIS and Environmental Sciences – Department of Geography
History – Department of History
Innovative Writing – Department of English
New Media Design – Department of Media Study
Professional Science Management 
Professional Writing and Digital Communication – Department of English
Sustainability--Department of Environment and Sustainability