Supplemental Instruction

Student studying in groups in the Davis Hall atrium on North Campus. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are out-of-class study and review sessions for certain gateway courses.  The structured one hour sessions, organized and led by peer leaders who have previously completed the course, encourage collaboration and review of class topics.

The College of Arts and Sciences is eager to support students and get the help they need with the Supplemental Instruction program.

What happens at Supplemental Instruction Sessions?

As a group, you will meet with your SI leader and review notes, class materials, discuss ideas, complete worksheets, prepare for tests and take practice exams. In addition, you will form a supportive group with other students and possibly develop lifelong friendships.

Supplemental Instruction is about progress, not perfection.

Spring 2022 courses offering Supplemental Instruction starting the week of February 7 and running through the end of the semester.

All locations are coordinated by the SI leader. Please contact leaders for additional information.

Why should students attend SI sessions?

Participating in supplemental instruction will help you better prepared for exams, quizzes. It will help with homework assignments, reinforce course material and you will collaborate and engage with your peers.

How to join a SI session

  1. Talk with your professor about attending a SI session or contact the SI Leader for each course.
  2. Students are welcome to attend a scheduled session at any time. Simply, show up and sign in.
  3. Come prepared to the weekly SI session to discuss the current topics. Encourage others to attend with you.

Data suggests that students who attend SI sessions every week throughout the semester earn on average a half to a full letter grade higher than those who attend no sessions.

Interested in becoming a SI Leader or have additional questions? Contact Jay Stockslader, Supplemental Instruction Coordinator at

What SI students are saying?

SI sessions gave me a better understanding of the material we learn.

Joshua B. – Fall 2021

It helped make understanding the material easier.

Sham B. – Fall 2021

SI was a fun work experience and helped me learn about helping others.

Kelly C – Fall 2021