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Chemistry Assessment for registration in CHE110 as additional help for CHE101 or 107

            Beginning in the Fall Semester, 2018, the Department of Chemistry pre-assesses students registering for CHE101 and CHE107 to help identify and direct early intervention for known concept gaps that hinder students’ success in these courses.  In our tracking over the past several years, we noted that while 2/3 of the students in general chemistry are centered at 80% earned on exams, 1/3 of our students are centered at only 40%.  40% performance in General Chemistry will not satisfy requirements for many programs at UB.  As such, we would like to identify at-risk students requiring supplemental instruction.    Thus the Department of Chemistry has created CHE110, a one credit hour complementary Discussion to provide students with additional help in solving problems in General Chemistry.  The assessment (hereafter termed UB Success in Chemistry) will be one factor in recommending students to take CHE110.  Other factors will include math scores of SAT or ACT, previous chemistry courses taken and length of time since taking a chemistry course.

            UB Success in Chemistry for CHE101 or CHE107 for Fall, 2020, will be offered June 15 – August 28 on-line as an assessment tailored to the University at Buffalo’s first semester chemistry curriculum.  The assessment covers pervasive skills and concepts for the first third of CHE101 or CHE107, providing a good measure of whether a student will start well in General Chemistry.  For some students who are ready for college chemistry, the assessment serves as a reminder of needed concepts and skills.  For students who need more, there are video tutorials to help recall and use concepts in the UB Success in Chemistry problems.  We will be looking for students that, despite spending time with the tutorials, are not proficient in skills and concepts needed for success in CHE101 and CHE107.  These students will be candidates for CHE110.

There is no charge for this Assessment!  All students registered for CHE101 or CHE107 will receive an email message to their UBIT email with instructions for access to the website.  The assessment will only take 1-4 hours (the average time in summers 2018 and 2019 was 142 minutes), but can be repeatedly accessed to assist students with completion.  From August 30-31, each student will receive an email with a recommendation regarding whether or not to register for CHE110.

For Fall 2018 and 2019, CHE110 was a success!  Of the students who took CHE110, over 70% performed better in CHE101 than expected from their score on UB Success in Chemistry.  Student evaluations of CHE110 showed that:  (1) 72% of students agreed or strongly agreed that CHE110 helped them succeed in CHE101 or CHE107 and (2) 74% rated CHE110 as excellent or good.

Academic integrity is an important component of the educational process.  For UB Success in Chemistry, having someone help a student is completely counter to the purpose of the assessment.  If a student needs the additional help of CHE110, masking that through academic dishonesty does nothing except hurt the student.

Force Registration Guidelines

For force registration, you should send an email to che-registration@buffalo.edu with the following information:

  • In the SUBJECT LINE (title) of your email: Force registration, Course name, Semester
  • In the BODY of your email, please include: 
  1. Your full name     
  2. Person Number
  3. Major
  4. Name and registration number of the course you wish to be forced into along with the semester
  5. The reason you were not able to register yourself

**If you are not repeating a course and the course you are requesting also requires a recitation/lab, register yourself into an available section that fits into your schedule right away. You should not wait until the force registration is complete as seats fill up quickly!!!

**Make sure that the total credit hours for the semester (including your forced course) do not exceed 19 credit hours unless you have an override in place.

**Do not fill your schedule with unneeded courses to "hold" the credits. This will block the department from adding your requested course.

Please be advised that CHE101, CHE102, CHE107, CHE108, CHE201 and CHE202 have been designated as “limited enrollment” courses, which means the enrollment in these courses is limited by the number of student positions available. Self- registration in these courses in the Fall and Spring semesters will be limited to those students who are taking the course for the first time. Thus, repeat enrollment may be difficult or impossible in the Fall and Spring semesters, and students who plan to repeat the course for any reason should plan to register for the course in the Summer.

Repeat enrollment is defined as: a student who was previously enrolled in  the course at UB, or who transferred an equivalent course to UB, who received either a letter grade of ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ or ‘F’ and qualified values thereof (e.g. ‘A-‘, ‘D+’); or a

grade of ‘P’, ‘S’, ‘U’, ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘N’, or ‘R’. The only case in which a student may self- register for a repeated course is when the student has taken an Administrative Withdrawal for an entire previous semester, so that all the grades for that semester were registered as ‘W’.

Course Syllabi

If you are looking for a current or past course syllabus, please contact Barb Raff.

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