PhD in Classics

The Arch of Constantine, Rome.

The Arch of Constantine, Rome

The Department of Classics offers PhD concentrations in Classical Literature, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology. Our faculty is well known for scholarship in each of these of areas, especially Greek and Roman archaeology, ancient religion, Greek and Latin epic poetry, linguistics and epigraphy.

About the PhD Program

The PhD program offers training that combines individual specialization with a foundation of considerable breadth, and comprises 42 credit-hours beyond the 30 credit-hours required for the MA, culminating in the doctoral dissertation.

Student Testimonials

"My six years at UB were the best of my life, and I will always remember the professors, staff and fellow graduate students who helped me get to where I am today. When I arrived at UB in 2005, I was an eager, but very raw, young BA who had minimal knowledge of Ancient History and Archaeology. The UB Classics Department’s curriculum gave me the chance to create a foundation in these areas while developing my primary research interest of Ancient Greek Epic. As a result, I acquired the multifaceted expertise in the ancient world needed to call myself a true classicist."
– Wiliam Duffy, PhD '11 

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Rare coin from the Thomas B. Lockwood Collection.
Rare coin from the Thomas B. Lockwood Collection.

Rare coins from the Thomas B. Lockwood Collection