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The UB Classics Department is home to Arethusaone of the leading journals in the field. Arethusa publishes original, interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies of the ancient world and the field of classics, and promotes work that combines contemporary theoretical perspectives with more traditional approaches to literary and material evidence.

Arethusa Seminar Speakers
Arethusa contributes to the intellectual life of the department through the Arethusa Seminar Speakers series, and supports innovative interdisciplinary programming on the UB campus through the UB Humanities Institute.

Student Experience
Arethusa employs a graduate editorial assistant, offering students the chance to gain valuable experience in the academic publication process.

Arethusa Theme Issues

Arethusa’s thematic issues have responded to changes in the field, as well as presenting important original scholarship on various issues:

Arethusa on JSTOR
Arethusa on Project Muse

Cover of Artheusa, Volume 55, Number 3, Winter 2022.

Special Issues of Arethusa

Arethusa is a contributor to Project Muse: Online Journals from the Johns Hopkins University Press.

5.1 (spring 1972) Politics and Art in Augustan Literature

6.1 (spring 1973) Women in Antiquity

7.1 (spring 1974) Psychoanalysis and the Classics

8.1 (spring 1975) Marxism and the Classics

8.2 (fall 1975) Population Policy in Plato and Aristotle

9.2 (fall 1976) The New Archilochus

10.1 (spring 1977) Classical Literature and Contemporary Literary Theory

11.1/2 (1978) Women in the Ancient World

13.1 (spring 1980) Augustan Poetry Books

13.2 (fall 1980) Indo-European Roots of Classical Culture

14.1 (spring 1981) Virgil:  2000 Years

15.1/2 (1982) Texts and Contexts: American Classical Studies in Honor of J.-P. Vernant

16.1/2 (1983) Semiotics and Classical Studies

17.1 (spring 1984) Studies in Latin Literature

17.2 (fall 1984) Under the Text

19.2 (fall 1986) Audience-Oriented Criticism and the Classics

20.1/2 (1987) Herodotus and the Invention of History

22 (fall 1989; additional no.) The Challenge of “Black Athena”

23.1 (spring 1990) Pastoral Revisions

25.1 (winter 1992) Reconsidering Ovid’s Fasti

26.2 (spring 1993) Bakhtin and Ancient Studies: Dialogues and Dialogics

27.1 (winter 1994) Rethinking the Classical Canon

28.2/3 (sp., fall 1995) Horace: 2000 Years

29.2 (spring 1996) The New Simonides (JSTOR | Project Muse)

30.2 (spring 1997) The Iliad and its Contexts (JSTOR | Project Muse)

31.3 (fall 1998) Vile Bodies: Roman Satire and Corporeal Discourse (JSTOR | Project Muse)

33.2 (spring 2000) Fallax Opus: Approaches to Reading Roman Elegy (JSTOR | Project Muse)

33.3 (fall 2000) Elites in Late Antiquity (JSTOR | Project Muse)

34.2 (spring 2001) The Personal Voice in Classical Scholarship: Literary and Theoretical Reflections (JSTOR | Project Muse)

35.1 (winter 2002) Epos and Mythos: Language and Narrative in Homeric Epic (JSTOR | Project Muse)

35.3 (fall 2002) The Reception of Ovid in Antiquity (JSTOR | Project Muse)

36.2 (spring 2003) Re-Imagining Pliny the Younger (JSTOR | Project Muse)

36.3 (fall 2003) Center and Periphery in the Roman World (JSTOR | Project Muse)

37.3 (fall 2004) The Poetics of Deixis in Alcman, Pindar, and Other Lyric (JSTOR | Project Muse)

39.2 (spring 2006) Ingens Eloquentiae Materia: Rhetoric and Empire in Tacitus (JSTOR | Project Muse)

39.3 (fall 2006) Ennius and the Invention of Roman Epic (JSTOR | Project Muse)

40.1 (winter 2007) Reshaping of Rome: Space, Time, and memory in Augustan Transformation (JSTOR | Project Muse)

40.2 (spring 2007) Statius’ Silvae and the Poetics of Intimacy (JSTOR | Project Muse)

41.1 (winter 2008) Celluloid Classics: New Perspectives on Classical Antiquity in Modern Cinema (JSTOR | Project Muse)

43.2 (spring 2010) The Art of Art History in Greco-Roman Antiquity (JSTOR | Project Muse)

45.3 (fall 2012) Collectors and the Eclectic: New Approaches to Roman Domestic Decoration (JSTOR | Project Muse)

46.2 (spring 2013) Pliny the Younger in Late Antiquity (JSTOR | Project Muse)

49.2 (spring 2016) Vitruvius: Text, Architecture, Reception (JSTOR | Project Muse)

49.3 (fall 2016) Envois: New Readings in Cicero’s Letters (JSTOR | Project Muse)

53.2 (spring 2020) Material Girls: Gender and Material Culture in Ancient Greece and Rome

53.3 (fall 2020) Ovid, Rhetoric, and Freedom of Speech in the Augustan Age

54.3 (fall 2021) Origins and Original Moments

55.3 (fall 2022) The Reception of Greek Tragedy: Studies in Celebration of the 90th Birthday of John J. Peradotto

Arethusa Books

The following volumes can be purchased from new and used booksellers:

The following volumes are also available to order directly from Arethusa:*

  • II. ROBERT K. SHERK, The Municipal Decrees of the Roman West. 1970, vii + 111 pp. Price: $6.00
  • V. MAZARIS, Journey to Hades. Greek Text with Intro., Transl., Notes, and Index by Seminar Classics 609, 1975, xxxviii + 134 pp. Price: $8.00
  • VI. THEOPHYLACTUS SIMOCATES, On Predestined Terms of Life. Greek Text and English Translation with Notes and full index, by Charles Garton and Leendert G. Westerink. 1978, xv + 42 pp. Price: $5.00
  • VII. GERMANOS, On Predestined Terms of Life. Greek Text with English Transl., and Indices by C. Garton and L. G. Westerink. 1979, xxix + 82 pp. Price: $7.00
  • VIII. AGNELLUS OF RAVENNA, Lectures on Galen’s De Sectis. Latin Text and Translation with Notes and Index, by Seminar Classics 609. 1981, xviii + 181 pp. Price: $10.00
  • IX. ROBERT FRORIEP, Aspects of the Tongue (1828). Original Latin Text, Edited and Translation by C. Garton and J. D. Gerencser, with the assistance of A. J. Drinnan. 1982, xiii + 217 pp., with black and white and colored plates. Price: $15.00
  • X. IBN AT-TAYYIB, Proclus’ Commentary on the Pythagorean Golden Verses. Arabic Text and English Transl. by N. Linley. 1984, xi + 105 pp. Price: $10.00
  • XII. THOMAS G. ROSENMEYER, Deina Ta Polla: Twenty Critical Stances. 1988, v + 74 pp. Price: $10.00

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