2021 Events

Spring 2021

What use is this thought? When and for whom do mental contents predict relevant outcomes?

February 24
Kenneth DeMarree
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University at Buffalo

A look at social learning and spatial cognition in slow lorises

March 24
Stephanie Poindexter
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University at Buffalo

Maximizing the moral signal: Examining the moral mechanisms responsible for media’s ability to motivate altruism and atrocity

April 21
Lindsay Hahn
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, University at Buffalo

Fall 2021

Complex Systems and the Limits of Cognitive Science: Why the Replication Problem is Here to Stay

September 29, 2pm
Jobst Landgrebe
Director, Cognotekt

Understanding the contributions of linguistic style and sequence probabilities to lexical choice

October 13, 2pm
Cassandra Jacobs
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University at Buffalo

The effects of continuous oromotor activity on speech motor learning: Speech biomechanics and neurophysiologic correlates

October 27, 2pm
Kaila Stipancic
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences, University at Buffalo

Exploring abstraction, imitation, and causal learning across development and across species

November 10th, 2pm

Speaker: Daphna Buchsbaum
Assistant Professor, Cognitive , Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences, Brown University

When listening to language is hard

November 17th, 2pm

Speaker: Rochelle Newman
Professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, University of Maryland

Exploring gesture as a dialogic resource in STEM education

December 1st, 2pm

Speaker: Virginia Flood
Assistant Professor, Department of Learning and Instruction, University at Buffalo