Past Seminars


Fall 2018

September 7 - Andreas Mueller, Business School, Columbia University - Job Seekers' Perceptions and Employment Prospects: Heterogeneity, Duration Dependence and Bias

September 28 - Philip DeCicca, Economics, McMaster University - (rescheduled for Spring 2019)

October 19 - Zhigang Feng, University of Nebraska, Omaha - Sovereign Defaults: Macroeconomic Activity and Political and Financial Frictions

October 26 - Ariel Binder, University of Michigan - Inter-Generational Transmission and the 21st Century Rise in Skilled Mothers’ Labor Supply

November 2 - Jon Schwabish, Urban Institute Income & Benefits Policy Center  (Co-sponsored: Economics and Education Policy Analysis Program GSE) - Working Paper: Graphs in the American Economic Review

November 9 - Tia Palermo Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Office of Research - Government Anti-Poverty Programming and Intimate Partner Violence in Ghana

November 16 - James Holmes - Can Corporations Cause Economic Growth and Income Equality

Fall recess, No seminar

November 30 - Michael Baker, Economics, University of Toronto - The Tall and the Short of the Returns to Height

December 7 - John Singleton, Economics, University of Rochester - Valuing School Choice: Using a Randomized Experiment to Validate Welfare Evaluation of Private School Vouchers

Spring 2019


Fall 2017

October 27 – Gregorio Caetano, University of Rochester – Explaining Recent Trends in US School Segregation: 1988-2014

November 17 – Matthew Dimick, UB Law School – The Minimum Wage and Optimal Redistribution

December 1 – Robert McMillan, University of Toronto – Education Reform in General Equilibrium: Evidence from California’s Class Size Reduction

Spring 2018

February 9 – Devin Bunten, Federal Reserve Board of Governors – When the Neighborhood Goes: The Effects of Gentrification on Individuals and Communities

February 16 – Kegon Tan, University of Rochester – Bequest Motives and the Social Security Notch

February 23 – Lefteris Tsoulfidis, University of Macedonia, Greece – The Great Recession, Economic Policies and the Greek Economy

March 2 – Philip Decicca, McMaster University – CANCELLED

March 9 – Michael Lovenheim, Cornell University – The Effect of State Funding for Postsecondary Education on Long-Run Student Outcomes

March 16 – Federico Rossi, Johns Hopkins University – Parents, Schools and Human Capital Differences Across Countries

March 23 – Spring recess

April 6 – Sean Fahle, University at Buffalo, Economics Department – Why Do People Leave Bequests?

April 13 – Chad Stecher, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  – Is Quality Contagious? The Role of Physical Networks in Promoting Quality HIV Care

April 20 – Nicola Bianchi, Northwestern University, Kellogg School – The Indirect Effects of Educational Expansions: Evidence from a Large Enrollment Increase in STEM Majors

April 27 – Shing-Yi Wang, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School – Sponsored by UB Confucius Institute – Property Rights, Land Misallocation and Agricultural Efficiency in China

May 4 – Terry Sicular, University of Western Ontario – Sponsored by UB Confucius Institute – Changing Trends in China's Inequality: Key Issues and Main Findings

May 11 – Andrew Shephard, University of Pennsylvania – Optimal Taxation, Marriage, Home Production and Family Labour Supply