Past Seminars


Fall 2017

Spring 2018


Fall 2016

Spring 2017


Fall 2015

  • October 30 – Xiaodong Zhu, University of Toronto – Trade, Migration and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of China
  • December 4 – Dr Jay Walker, Niagara University Do men and women compete differently in single versus mixed-gender environments? Evidence from the game show Jeopardy!

Spring 2016

  • February 19 – Jim Berry, Cornell University – “The Impact of Mother Literacy and Participation Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in India”
  • February 26 –Yan Bai, University of Rochester – “Do Financial Frictions Explain Chinese Firms’ Saving and Misallocation?”
  • March 3 – Lee Lockwood, Northwestern University – “Government Old-Age Support and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Old Age Assistance Program”
  • March 4 – Philip Oreopoulos, University of Toronto – “Texting Students to Help Achieve Their Goals”
  • March 9 (Wed) – Soohyung Lee, University of Maryland – “The Impact of School and Classroom Gender Composition on Educational Achievement”
  • March 11 – Zhuan Pei, Cornell University, Policy Analysis and Mgmt – “Eligibility Recertification and Dynamic Opt-in Incentives in Income-tested Social Programs: Evidence from Medicaid/CHIP”
  • March 18  – Spring recess, no seminar
  • March 25 – Daniele Paserman, Boston University – Gender Differences in Cooperative Environments: Evidence from US Congress
  • April 1 – Harry Krashinsky, University of Toronto Scarborough – The Effect of Education on Total Fertility
  • April 8 – Mikko Packalen, University of Waterloo – Age and the Trying Out of New Ideas and Cities and Ideas
  • April 15 – Katherine Cuff, McMaster University – Dual Corporate Tax Evasion
  • April 22 – George Alessandria, University of Rochester – The Dynamics of the U.S. Trade Balance and Real Exchange Rate: The J Curve and Trade Costs?
  • April 29 – Jeffrey Kubik, Syracuse University – Sand States and the US Housing Crisis


Fall 2014

  • October 24 – Perry Singleton, Syracuse University – Health Information and the Timing of Social Security Entitlements
  • December 5 – Josh Kinsler, University at Rochester – Distorted Beliefs and Parental Investment in Children

Spring 2015

  • April 3 – Shintaro Yamaguchi, McMaster University – Dynamic Effects of Parental Leave Policy on Female Labor Market Outcomes
  • April 10 – Aloysius Siow,  University of Toronto – A Quantitative Review of Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family by Carbone and Cahn
  • April 24 – Mathis Wagner, Boston College  – Reversing Brain Drain: Evidence from Malaysia’s Returning Expert Programme
  • April 30 – Kory Kroft, University of Toronto – Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment: A Sufficient Statistics Approach


Spring 2014

  • January 15 – Peter Hinrichs, Georgetown University – What Kind of Teachers Are Schools Looking For? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
  • January 21 – Louis-Phillippe Beland, University of Montreal – Political Parties and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from U.S. States
  • January 24 –  Joanne Song Mclaughlin, University of California, Irvine – Unemployment Duration in the Great Recession: Effects of Employment Protection Laws
  • January 27 – Evan Starr, University of Michigan – Training the Enemy? Firm-Sponsored Training and the Enforcement of Covenants Not to Complete 
  • January 29 – Travis Brayak, University of California, San Diego – Powers of the Pill: Heterogeneity and the Marriage Market
  • February 13 – Lori Timmins, University of British Columbia – How do Hospitals Respond to Financial Pain? Evidence from Hospital Markets in Texas


Fall 2012

  • October 5 – Max Gillman, Cardiff Business School – Deriving the Taylor Principle when the Central Bank Supplies Money
  • November 16 – Felicia Ionescu, Colgate University – The Interplay Between Student Loans and Credit Cards: Implications for Default


Fall 2011

  • October 7 – Thomas Lubik, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond – The Shifting and Twisting Beveridge Curve: An Aggregate Perspective
  • October 14 – Zhen Liu, University at Buffalo – Consumer Unawareness and Competitive Strategies
  • October 21 – Rachana Bhatt, Georgia State University – Reducing Underage Alcohol & Tobacco Use: Evidence from the Introduction of Vertical Identification Cards

Spring 2012

  • January 18 – Neel Rao, Harvard University Social Learning in the Labor Market: An Analysis of Siblings
  • January 20 – Matthew Backus, University of Michigan – Why is Productivity Correlated with Competition
  • January 23 – Dooyeon Cho, Michigan State University – Trade Intensity, Carry Trades and Exchange Rate Volatility
  • January 25 – Eisuke Okada, University of Chicago – Labor Force Participation and Fertility Decisions of Modern Women
  • January 27 – Caleb Stroup, Vanderbilt University – International Experience and Cross-Border Mergers
  • January 30 – Byoung Hoon Seok, University of Rochester – Growth and Global Imbalances: The Role of Learning-by-Exporting
  • February 1 – Jiyoon Oh, University of Rochester – The Cyclicality of Firm Size Distribution and Its Effect on Aggregate Fluctuations


Fall 2010

  • October 15 – Wentong Zheng, University at Buffalo Law School – Estimating the Effect of State Lotteries on Crime: An Instrumental Variable Approach
  • October 22 – James Holmes, University at Buffalo – Endogenous Wage Rigidity with Heterogeneous Agents: The Complex Role of Money Endogenous Wage Rigidity with Heterogeneous Agents
  • January 5 – Bongseok Choi, University at Buffalo – Financial Innovation, Firm Size and Growth
  • February 9 – Jim Campbell, University at Buffalo – The Economic Records of the Presidents: Party Differences and Inherited Economic Conditions
  • February 10 – Gilad Sorek, University at Buffalo – Finite Lifetimes, Optimal Patents and Growth

Spring 2011

  • January 11 – Miquel Faig, University of Toronto – Lessons from the recent recession: the case of Spain
  • January 18 – Vikesh Amin, SUNY at Binghamton – Do More-Schooled Women have Fewer Children and Delay Childbearing? Evidence from a Sample of U.S. Twins
  • January 28 Bernard Salanie, Columbia University – Partner Choice and the Marital College Premium
  • February 4 – Yoonsoo Lee, School of Economics Sogang University and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland – Entry, Exit, and Plant-level Dynamics over the Business Cycle
  • February 25 – Gueorgui Kambourov, University of Toronto, NBER, and RCEA – Towards a Micro-founded Theory of Aggregate Labor Supply
  • March 4 – David Shapiro, Penn State – Stalling of Fertility Transitions and Socioeconomic Change in the Developing World: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys
  • March 11 – Solomon W. Polachek, Binghamton – A Biological Basis for the Gender Wage Gap
  • March 25 – T. Paul Schultz, Yale – Family Planning and Health as Investments in Women’s Human Capital: Learning from a Quasi Social Experiment in Matlab, Bangladesh, 1977-1996
  • April 8 – Petra Todd, University of Pennsylvania – Aligning Learning Incentives of Students and Teachers: Results from a Social Experiment in Mexican High Schools
  • April 22 – Martin Uribe, Columbia University – Pegs and Pain
  • May 2 – Roland Benabou, Princeton – Laws and Norms

Pre-2010 Seminars

Spring 2010

  • February 19 – Yongsung Chang, University of Rochester – Comparative Advantage and Unemployment
  • February 26 – John Maheu, University of Toronto – Components of bull and bear markets: bull corrections and bear rallies
  • March 5 – Mark Aguiar, University of Rochester – Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation
  • March 19 – Martin Uribe, Columbia University
  • March 26 – Ricardo Reis, Columbia University
  • April 2 – William Thomson, University of Rochester “Lorenz rankings of rules for the adjudication of conflicting claims”
  • April 9 – Peter Howitt, Brown University
  • April 16 – Ettore Damiano, University of Toronto
  • April 23 – Charles Engel, University of Wisconsin – Currency Misalignments and Optimal Monetary Policy: A Reexamination
  • April 30 – Mark Bils, University of Rochester – Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Income Inequality
  • May 3 – Stephen Turnovsky, University of Washington – Growth of Human Capital and Inequality: A Canonical Model

Spring 2009

  • January 16, Yoshinori Kurokawa, University at Buffalo, Variety Trade and Skill Premium in a Calibrated General Equilibrium Model: The Case of Mexico
  • January 21, Shi Qi, University of Minnesota, The Impact of Advertising Regulation on Industry. The Cigarette Advertising Ban of 1971
  • January 22, Susan Feng, Boston University, Volatility of Early-Stage Firms with Jump Risk: Theory and Evidence
  • January 23, Young-Ro Yoon, Indiana University-Bloomington, Strategic Disclosure of Valuable Information within Competitive Environments
  • January 26, Mitsukuni Nishida, University of Chicago, Estimating a Model of Strategic Network Choice: the Convenience-Store Industry in Okinawa
  • January 28, Eiichiro Kazumori, University of Tokyo, A Strategic Theory of Markets
  • February 6, David Benjamin, University at Buffalo, Recovery Before Redemption? A Theory of Delays in Sovereign Debt Renegotiations

Fall 2008

  • January 21 Gilad Sorek University at Buffalo Strategic Complementarities between Medical R&D and Savings as a Limit on Patent Protection
  • January 7 Guanyu Ma University at Buffalo How Fertility Control Affects the Future Improvement of Society
  • October 31 Richard Deitz New York Federal Reserve Bank The Regional Production, Stock, and Flow of Human Capital
  • October 29 James Feigenbaum University of Pittsburgh Optimal Irrational Behavior
  • 9/19 Zhen Liu University at Buffalo Fair Disclosure and Investor asymetric awareness in Stock Markets

Spring 2008

  • January 23 Bin Li University of Chicago (Recruitment) Evaluating Structural Vector Autoregression Models in Monetary Economics
  • January 25 Hye Mi You University of Rochester (Recruitment) The Contribution of Rising School Quality to U.S. Economic Growth
  • January 28 Yoshinori Kurokawa University of Minnesota/U.B. (Recruitment) Variety-Skill Complementarity Hypothesis: A Simple Resolution of Trade-Wage Inequality Anomaly
  • January 30 Goncalo Monteiro University of Washington/U.B. (Recruitment) The Composition of Productive Government Expenditure: Consequences for Economic Growth and Welfare
  • February 1 Jiaren Pang Washington University St. Louis/U.B (Recruitment) Search, Training, and Labor Force Participation Over the Business Cycle
  • February 4 Noel Johnson Washington University St. Louis/U.B (Recruitment) War! What Is It Good For?
  • February 6 Ching-Jen Sun Ohio State University (Recruitment) Dynamic Price Discrimination and Quality Provision Based on Purchase History
  • February 8 Jeffrey Weinstein Yale University (Recruitment) The Relationship Between School Characteristics and Neighborhood Characteristics: Evidence from School Redistricting
  • February 11 Na Yin Stonybrook University (Recruitment) Partial Benefits in the Social Security Disability Insurance Program: A Policy Alternative to Foster Work among the Disabled
  • March 21 Salvador Navarro University of Wisconsin Notes on the Econometric Analysis of Crime: the Deterrence effect of the Death Penalty
  • March 28 Adrien Verdelhan Boston University Common Risk Factors in the Currency Markets
  • April 11 Mark Aguiar University of Rochester Investment Cycles and Sovereign Debt Overhang
  • April 18 Bruce Weinberg Ohio State University Scientific Leadership
  • April 25 Fabian Lange Yale University Education and Allocative Efficiency. Evidence from Breast Cancer Screening
  • May 2 Rody Manuelli University of Wisconsin Explaining International Fertility Differences

Fall 2007

  • 9th/21 Joe Doyle MIT Sloan School of Management and NBER Returns to Local-Area Health Care Spending: Using Health Shocks to Patients Far From Home
  • October 12 Carsten Kowalczyk The Fletcher School Tufts University Free Trade: What Are the Terms-of-Trade Effects?
  • October 26 David Cuberes Clemson University Medium Term Growth Reversals
  • January 2 Jim Holmes University at Buffalo The Minimum Wage, Teenage Employment and the Business Cycle
  • January 9 Zhu, Wang Kansas Federal Reserve Bank Market Structure and Credit Card Pricing: What Drives the Interchange?
  • January 30 Atsushi Oyama University at Buffalo The Rewards for Entrepreneurial Ability to Adopt and Implement Advanced Technologies
  • February 14 Goncalo Monteiro University at Buffalo & University of York To Be Announced
  • February 21 Dr. Youngwan Goo Korea National Defense University A Study on the Military Alliance of South Korea-United States with the Existence of Threat from North Korea: A Public Good Demand Approach

Spring 2007

  • January 19 Dr. James M. Holmes University at Buffalo Monetary Policy, Unemployment and Endogenous Rigid Wages: The Consequences of Unfulfilled Rational Expectations
  • January 17 Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez University at Buffalo Human Capital, Learning Externalities, and Growth
  • January 25 Ms. Amy Hongfei Sun University of Toronto Banking, Inside Money, and Outside Money
  • January 26 Mr. Jae W. Sim Boston University Uncertainty, Irreversible Investment, and General Equilibrium
  • January 29 Dr. Luis Alcala University at Buffalo Why Does Skilled Labor Flow from Poor to Rich Countries?
  • January 30 Mr. Jiaren Pang Washington University Search, Training, and Labor Force Participation over the Business Cycle
  • March 23 Dr. Joseph J. Doyle MIT Sloan School of Management Child Welfare and Crime: Measuring the Effects of Foster Care
  • March 30 Dr. Boyan Jovanovic New York University Bubbles in Prices of Exhaustible Resources
  • April 6 Dr. Rodrigo Soares University of Maryland Altruism, Fertility, and the Value of Children: Health Policy Evaluation and Intergenerational Welfare
  • April 13 Dr. Chad Sparber Colgate University Comparative Advantages and Gains from Immigration
  • April 27 Dr. Thomas Astebro University of Toronto Does it pay to be a Jack of all Trades?
  • April 27 Dr. David Galenson University of Chicago The Life Cycles of Modern Artists
  • May 4 Dr. Adrianna Lleras-Muney Princeton University Life expectancy and human capital investments: Evidence from maternal mortality declines in Sri Lanka

Fall 2006

  • October 20 Dr. Fernando Leiva-Betran University of Iowa Pricing Patents through Citations
  • January 17 Dr. Christopher A. Rohlfs Syracuse University Does Military Service Make You a More Violent Person? Evidence from the Vietnam Draft Lottery download paper
  • February 1 Dr. Georg Goetz University of Vienna Diffusion of new technology – The case of multiple generations download paper
  • February 8 Dr. Ronni Pavan University of Rochester To be announced

Spring 2006

  • January 23 Ms. Kelly Ragan Chicago (Recruitment) Taxes, Transfers, and Time Use: Fiscal Policy in a Household Production Model
  • January 25 Ms. Xin (Sherry) Li Michigan (Recruitment) Ethnic Diversity, Social Identities, and Tax Compliance: Evidence from the European and World Values Surveys
  • January 27 Ms. Qingyan Shang Ohio State University (Recruitment) Estimating Endogenous Neighborhood Effects from Variations in Prices and Price- Responsiveness
  • January 30 Ms. Amrita Bhattacharyya Boston College (Recruitment) Competition and Advertising in Specialized Markets: A study of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry
  • February 1 Mr. Youngjin Hwang MIT (Recruitment) Regime-Switching Fluctuations, Aggregate and Individual Consumption
  • February 3 Dr. Edwin L. Lai Stanford (Recruitment) International Protection of Intellectual Property: An Empirical Investigation
  • February 6 Mr. Ganesh Seshan University of Virginia (Recruitment) The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Household Welfare in a Developing Country with Imperfect Labor Markets
  • February 10 Mr. Alejandro M. Rodriguez Chicago (Recruitment) Learning Externalities, Human Capital and Growth
  • February 13 Mr. Santiago Bazdresch Yale (Recruitment) Financial Lumpiness and Investment
  • February 15 Mr. Siddharth Sharma Yale (Recruitment) Factor Immobility and Regional Inequality: Evidence from a Credit Shock in India
  • February 17 Dr. Luis Alcala Rochester (Recruitment) Fertility, Migration, and Intergenerational Mobility
  • February 22 Dr. Kaz Miyagiwa Emory University (Recruitment) Dumping as a signal of Innovation
  • April 21 Prof. Daniel S. Hamermesh University of Texas at Austin “How the Economics Profession works” 11:30 – 12:30 “Cues for Coordination: Light, Longitude, and Letterman” 3:30 – 5:00″
  • April 28 Dr. Yang-Ming Chang Kansas State University “Strategic Transfers and Sibling Rivalry: A Contest Model with Endogenous Labor Supply, Family Services, and Leisure.”

Fall 2005

  • 9th/23 Dr. Vikas Chibre Gokhale Institute of Economics Trends and Cycles in the Indian Economy
  • 9th/30 Michele Boldrin University of Minnesota “IP & Market Size”
  • October 7 Belton Fleisher Ohio State University ” Regional Inequality and Productivity Growth in China: The Role of Foreign Investment, Infrastructure, and Human Capital”
  • October 14 Raaj Sah “Corruption across countries and regions: some consequences of coral osmosis”
  • January 4 Tom Philipson University of Chicago “Surplus Appropriation and Technology Assessment Criteria in Health Care”
  • January 11 Bruce Weinberg Ohio State University “Creative Careers: The Life Cycles of Nobel Laureates in Economics”

Spring 2005

  • January 20th Mr. Luis Alcala University of Rochester (Recruitment) Fertility, Migration, and Intergenerational Mobility
  • January 25 Ms. Yan Bai University of Minnesota (Recruitment) Financial Integration and international Risk Sharing
  • January 27 Mr. Angel Gavilan Gonzalez University of Chicago (Recruitment) Explaining Wage Inequality in the U.S. with an Assignment Model
  • January 28 Mr. Rudolfs Bems Stockholm School of Economics (Recruitment) Aggregate Investment Expenditures on Traded and Nontraded goods
  • February 1 Ms. Min Fan Stanford (Recruitment) Heterogeneous Beliefs, the Term Structure and Time-Varying Risk Premia
  • February 2 Ms. Elena Pastorino University of Pennsylvania (Recruitment) Career Dynamics Under Uncertainty: Estimating the Value of Firm Experimentation
  • February 3 Mr. Julio Jorge Elias University of Chicago (Recruitment) The Effects of Ability and Family Background on Non-Monetary Returns to Education
  • February 4 Mr. Justin G. Marion University of Chicago (Recruitment) Redistribution through Public Purchases: Competition, Procurement Costs, and Efficiency in a Bid Preference Program.
  • February 8 Mr. Calvin Yingshun Ho Berkeley (Recruitment) Does Exchange Rate Volatility Matter to Foreign Direct Investment?
  • February 11 Ms. Yoonyoung Cho University of Wisconsin-Madison (Recruitment) Investment in Children’s Human Capital: Implications of PROGRESA
  • March 4 Mr. Yi Wen Cornell University Understanding the Impact of Oil Shocks
  • March 11 Mr. Thomas Lubik Johns Hopkins University On-the-job Search and the Cyclical Dynamics of the Labor Market
  • April 1 Prof. Lance Lochner University of Western Ontario “Individual Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System”
  • April 29th Prof. Maxwell Pak Queen’s University “Cooperation with Random Matching”

Fall 2004

  • 9th/17 Mark G. Duggan University of Maryland, NBER “The Rise in SSI participation among children: Assessing the Impact on Poverty and Labor Supply”
  • October 1 Koleman Strumpf University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill “The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis”
  • October 8 Luisa Fuster University of Toronto “Elimination of Social Security in a Dynastic Framework”
  • October 22 Bruce Preston Columbia University “Adaptive Learning and the Use of Forecasts in Monetary Policy”
  • October 29th Michael Grossman CUNY Graduate Center, NBER “Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”
  • January 5 Casey B. Mulligan University of Chicago “Causes and Consequences of Political Competitiveness”
  • January 18th Ali Dogramaci Rector, Bilkent University (Turkey) “The Changing Turkish Education System”
  • January 19th Thomas Lubik Johns Hopkins University TBA

Spring 2004

  • January 21 Justin Trogdon  Duke University Demand for and Regulation of Cardiac Services
  • January 23 Julia Litvinova  Duke University Volatility Asymmetry in High Frequency Data
  • January 26 Ke Wang  Stanford University Multi-Period Corporate Failure Prediction with Stochastic Covariates
  • January 28 Xianghong Li  Ohio State University Is there a Seasoned Equity Offering Puzzle?
  • January 30 Dhaval M. Dave  City University of New York The Effects of Cocaine and Heroin Price on Drug Use among Arrestees
  • February 2 Juanyi Xu  University of British Columbia Noise Trader and Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle
  • February 4 Claudio Campanale University of Rochester Learning and the Return to Private Equity
  • February 6 Hwagyun Kim  University at Buffalo Money Demand Shocks and Interest Rate Rules
  • February 13 Shaowen Wu  University at Buffalo TBA
  • February 27 Jonathan Eaton NYU An Anatomy of International Trade: Evidence from French Firms
  • March 26 Matthew Rhodes-Kropf Columbia Business School TBA
  • April 9th Serguey Braguinsky University at Buffalo Perfectly Competitive Innovation, Voluntary Information Sharing and its Breakdown in a Growing Industry
  • April 16 Matthew Turner University of Toronto Landscape Preferences and Patterns of Residential Development
  • 7/9th Phillippe Saucier University of Orleans (Paris) Liquidity, Solvency, and Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis of the Japanese Banks’ Distress

Fall 2003

  • October 10 Robert Tamura Clemson University/Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank Income and Education of the States of the United States: 18th40-2000
  • October 17 Juan Mendoza University at Buffalo Geography, Health, and Development: Evidence from Columbia
  • October 31 Comin Diego New York University Are Soccer Contracts Incomplete?
  • January 7 Yongmiao Hong Cornell Testing Extreme Risk Spillover Between Financial Markets: Econometric Method and Application to Chinese Stock Markets
  • January 14 Boyan Jovanovic Chicago and New York University The Q-Theory of IPO’s
  • January 21 Zhiqiang Liu University at Buffalo Foreign Direct Investment, Spillovers, and Productivity of Domestic Firms: Theory and Evidence
  • February 5 James M. Holmes University at Buffalo The Cyclical Relationship between Employment and Real Wages in U.S. Manufacturing

Spring 2003

  • January 10 Parama Chaudhury  New York University Multi-Tasking and the Returns to Experience
  • January 13 Angela No  University of Toronto Agglomeration Effects in the Diffusion of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • January 14 Alexander K. Karaivanov University of Chicago Financial Contracts and Occupational Choice
  • January 15 Yan Shen  University of Southern California Aggregate vs. Disaggregate Data Analysis- A paradox in the estimation of Money Demand Function of Japan Under the Low Interest Rate Policy
  • January 16 Mingliang Li  University of California -Irvine Duration Analysis with Piecewise Constant Baseline Hazards, Time-Varying Covariates and Random Effects: An Application to the Timing of High School Dropout Decisions
  • January 17 Paris Cleanthous Yale University Patient Welfare Implications of Innovation in the U.S. Antidepressant Market
  • February 14 Ingela Alger Boston College A Theory of Fraud in Experts Markets
  • April 11 Isabel Brocas Columbia A Theory of Influence
  • April 18th Shubha Gosh University of Buffalo To Be Announced
  • April 25 Christopher Carroll Johns Hopkins The Epidemiology of Macroeconomic Expectations
  • May 2 Yi Wen Cornell Understanding the Inventory Cycle

Fall 2002

  • October 4 Lawrence Southwick Jr. University at Buffalo Effects on the Brady Act on Crime?
  • October 11 James M. Holmes University at Buffalo The Minimum Wage and the Business Cycle in a Competitive Equilibrium Model.
  • October 18th Serguey Braguinsky University at Buffalo Entrepreneurial Ability and Market Section in an Infant Industry: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton spinning Industry.
  • October 25 Avi Goldfarb University of Toronto Identification of Online State Dependence Using Denial of Service Attacks as an Instrument
  • January 8 Serguey Braguinsky University at Buffalo Investment with Imperfect Property Rights
  • January 15 Hwagyun Kim  University at Buffalo Common and Idiosyncratic Fluctuations of Interest Rates from various Issuers: A Dynamic Factor Approach
  • January 22 Ronald Wintrobe University of Western Ontario Can Suicide Bombers be Rational?
  • January 25 Luca Bossi  Cornell Intergeneration Risk Shifting Through Social Security and Bailout Politics
  • February 2 Jeffrey DeSimone  East Carolina University Determinants of Drug Injection Behavior: Economic Factors, HIV Infection Risk and Needles Exchange Program

Spring 2002

  • January 23 Aysegul Sahin University of Rochester The Rotten Kid at College: The Incentive
  • January 25 Katustoshi Wakai Yale University A Model of Consumption Smoothing with an Application to Asset Pricing
  • January 28 Pedro S. Amaral University of Minnesota Consequences of Turbulence and Heterogeneity in Learning Ability for Wage Inequality
  • January 30 Raoul Minetti London School of Economics Banking Regulation, Capital Crunches, and Real Estate Crises
  • February 1 Shilender Swaminathan University of Southern California Effect of Health on Wages of Men: Evidence from Indonesia
  • February 8 Helios Herrera New York University Participation Externalities and Asset Price Volatility
  • February 22 Jong–Wha Lee Korea University IMF Programs: Who is Chosen and What are the Effects?
  • March 15 Michelle Alexpoulos University of Toronto To Be announced
  • April 19th Lena Edlund Columbia University To Be Announced

Fall 2001

  • 9th/6 Donald Dutkowsky Syracuse University Inflation Targeting with the Federal Funds Rate
  • October 12 Xiaodong Xu University of Toronto To Be Announced
  • October 19th Aloysius Siow University of Toronto To Be Announced
  • October 26 Mark Bils University of Rochester To Be announced
  • January 2 Catherine Cuff McMaster University To Be Announced
  • January 9th Neil Harding Wales Marxism, Ideology, and Sites of Power
  • February 7 Yong Yin University at Buffalo To Be Announced

Spring 2001

  • January 25 Hyunbae Chun New York University Can Information Technology Explain Deceleration and Acceleration in Productivity Growth?
  • January 26 Jed Devaro Stanford University The effect of Employer Recruitment Strategies on Job Placements and Match Quality
  • January 30 Glen Waddell Purdue University Executive Compensation and Project Selection
  • February 1 Susheng Wang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Bargaining, Revenue Sharing, and Control Rights Allocation
  • February 5 Jose Plehn-Dujowich University of Chicago Innovation, Firm Size, and Occupational Choice
  • February 7 Chetan Subramanian University at Buffalo Exchange Rate Based Stabilization with Borrowing Constraints
  • February 12 Zhiqiang Liu University at Buffalo The Economic Impact and Determinants of Investments in Human and Political Capital in Urban China
  • March 2 Hiroyuki Ozaki Tohoku University To Be Announced
  • March 16 John Burbridge McMaster TDSP’s
  • March 19th Tiemen Woutersen University of Western Ontario To Be Announced
  • March 23 Casey Mulligan University of Chicago To Be Announced
  • April 6 Elizabeth Caucutt University of Rochester To Be Announced
  • April 13 Diego Restuccia University of Toronto To be Announced
  • April 27 John Duggan University of Rochester To be announced

Fall 2000

  • 9th/29th Maya Shah University of Baroda, India The Economics of Discrimination
  • October 13 Zhiqiang Liu HK University of Science and Technology Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillover: Evidence from China
  • October 20th Jin Young Kim University at Buffalo The Market for Scientists and the Recent Surge in Patenting
  • October 27 Song Han University of Rochester On Task-Based Discrimination in Credit Markets
  • January 3 Joanne Robert University of Toronto To be Announced
  • January 10 Amit Batabyal Rochester Institute of Technology A Dynamic Analysis of Protection and Environmental Policy in a Small Trading Developing Country
  • 1January 17 Chris Robinson University of Western Ontario To be announced
  • 1February 1 Matthew Turner University of Toronto To be announced
  • 1February 8 Jung-Ok Cho University of Rochester To be announced

Spring 2000

  • February 18th Jeff Smith University of Western Ontario Is the Threat of Training More Effective than Training Itself?
  • March 3 Xiadong Xu university of Toronto To be announced
  • March 31 Michael Peters University of Toronto To be announced
  • April 7 Michael Veall McMaster University To be announced
  • April 14 Todd Steinbrickner University of Western Ontario The underlying relationship between family income and college performance: Evidence from a liberal arts college with a full tuition subsidy
  • April 21 Shabtai Donnenfeld York University Regional Blocs and Foreign Direct Investment
  • April 28 Dwayne Benjamin University of Toronto Property Rights, Labour Markets, and Efficiency in a Transition Economy: The Case of Rural China
  • May 5 Akira Matsumoto Ehime University, JAPAN Japanese Bubble-Its Domestic Aspects and International aspects

Fall 1999

  • October 8 Eric Nauenberg University at Buffalo Simulation of a Hospital Industry Hirschman-Herfindahl Index with Incomplete Market Share Information
  • October 22 Todd Steinbrickner University of Western Ontario To be announced
  • October 29th David Mustard University of Georgia To be announced
  • January 4 Aloysius Siow University of Toronto Why Dowries?
  • January 12 Linda Wong SUNY-Binghamton Skill acquisition in an Equilibrium Search Model
  • January 19th Jagadeesh Gokhale Cleveland Fed Transmission of Wealth Inequality via bequests
  • February 3 Gordon Dahl University of Rochester Teenage Marriage:Falling or Failing in love?
  • February 10 Shannon Seitz University of Western Ontario Employment, Marriage, and the Sex Radio