Letchworth Teaching Forest

Welcome to the Letchworth Teaching Forest! This 33-acre forest is open to UB students and the public for recreational use.

The Departments of Anthropology, Geology, Geography, and Environment and Sustainability use the vast natural landscape for experiential learning opportunities. As a Certified Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, the forest features opportunities to explore botany, ecology, and birding. 

Enjoying the Forest

Immerse yourself in the old growth forest as you walk along the easy, mostly flat and wide trail. The main entrance is located across from the Red Jacket Parking Lot (behind the tennis courts and across from the Elliot Complex). The Blue Trail is approximately .55 miles long.  Be sure to follow the blue markers on the trees.  While following the trail you can expect to see a collection of botany, vernal ponds, and animal life. Local running groups, environmental clubs, and other organizations are encouraged to come visit. Pets are welcome but please be sure to clean up after them.

If you would like to request additional information about the forest, biodiversity, or educational opportunities, we encourage you to reach out to our Department of Environment and Sustainability at evs-admin@buffalo.edu.