BS in Environmental Sciences

Kayaking in “los manglares costeros”, Costa Rica.

Kayaking in “los manglares costeros”, Costa Rica.

Professor Nick Henshue, Ecology of Unique Environments (EVS 493LAB). Image courtesy A. Long

The Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Environmental Science is designed to incorporate a strong foundation in biological, physical, chemical, mathematics and statistics, and geospatial techniques.

This program highlights experimental learning through field-based coursework and ecology expeditions (national and international). Students graduating from this program generally seek professional positions in the areas of environmental engineering, geographic information systems, pollution control and remediation and ecological restoration and find these opportunities in a wide range of governmental, non-profit, and private organizations. Most of these jobs, requiring field clothes and good hiking boots, or laboratory coats would prepare our graduates for work as environmental consultants, government regulation enforcement, health and safety, pollution cleanup, mapping/cartography/remote sense and so much more.

Course requirement: 23 courses/79 credits