Extracurricular Groups and Clubs

A key belief we have in our department is the importance of getting involved in our many out-of-class opportunities. Participation in extra-curricular activities in the environmental field leads to more learning, more networking, and overall more success. Students in clubs together tend to study more, collaborate more, and have a more fulfilling university experience. 

Alpha Kappa Chi

Logo for Alpha Kappa Chi.

Alpha Kappa Chi is a co-educational professional environmental fraternity focused upon developing self-confidence, professionalism, and brotherhood among member in pursuit of environmental sustainability efforts and opportunities.

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Environmental Network


UB Environmental Network  is an Academic Council club that promotes environmental awareness, activism, networking and creating a positive change for the environment.

We participate in a host of events and activities including working on campus sustainability initiatives, advocating for environmental change through petitioning and protesting, coordinate and participate in UB's Earth Week Activities, host guest speakers, and many more!

Contact Information:
Address: 350 SU Buffalo, NY 14260

Engineers for a Sustainable World


Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a student-run project-based club, functioning both as a chapter of the greater ESW organization and under UB’s Student Association. ESW’s goal is to fund students' sustainable project ideas, and improve sustainability both on campus and in the greater Buffalo community. Any student may pitch a project or choose to pick up an existing project, and with application approval, receive funding and work with a team towards their project goals over the course of the year! In the past, projects included our infamous solar smoothie cart, a solar charging bench, aquaponics, undergraduate design and more. Our 2022-2023 projects included our Solar District Cup (SDC) competition team, Battle Bots, Pollinator Garden and Tree Planting, and our Project Revival Project. Our Pollinator Garden and Tree Planting team has built four raised beds of native wildflowers on the Northern Shores of Lake LaSalle. Our Solar District Cup competition team has placed every year that we participated in the Department of Energy’s SDC competition. Battle Bots serves as a fun build project which we participate in yearly for UB’s Engineering week (E-week) Battlebot competition, in which all engineering clubs build a robot and fight them against each other. Project Revival has made it their mission to finish and fix up old ESW projects that need new homes/repairs, this year they have worked on a compost tumbler and aquaponics system. On top of our projects, we make a great effort to host weekly events. These events may be general body meetings, engineering based, sustainability based, volunteer work, professional networking, or social events.Those who do not wish to become a project lead may participate in any of the projects being run or simply choose to attend other events or general body meetings! One of ESW’s priorities is to create a warm, welcoming environment for all members to share their sustainability passions.While our club has “engineer” in the title, you do not have to be an engineer to join ESW! In recent years, we have welcomed a large number of Environment and Sustainability majors, and have had many non-engineering Presidents and E-board members! If you’re interested in engineering, sustainability, or both, ESW has a place for you!

Contact Information:

Address: 320 Bell Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260

Instagram: esw_ub

eswubwebsite [at] gmail.com


´┐╝Outdoor Adventure Club


Outdoor Adventure Club is an organization dedicated to providing students with a wide range of outdoor experiences focused upon camping, hiking, paddling and learning about the great outdoors.

Contact Information:
Address: 370 SU, Buffalo, NY 14260

Entomology Club

A group of insect lovers who are interested in exploring the importance of insects in our environment with a focus on identification and general ecology.

Contact Information: jsebesta@buffalo.edu

Botany Club

A group of students who are extremely interested in the study of plants with a focus on plant identification, wild edibles, medicinal herbs and general plant ecology.

Contact Information: vlm4@buffalo.edu

Audubon Club

Enjoy ongoing field trips to further your knowledge of bird identifications, behaviors and general ecology. Binoculars provided.

Contact Information: cchorose@buffalo.edu