College Matters: On the Rocks

Chris Sabba.

Undergraduate geology student Chris Sbarra gathers glacial samples in a mountainous region of Southeastern Alaska. (Photo: Alia Lesnek)

Professor Jason Briner and students were highlighted in the Winter 2018 edition of College Matters, a publication of the College of Arts and Sciences.

On the Rocks

As an undergraduate engineering student at the University of Washington, Professor Jason Briner, PhD, didn’t anticipate he’d have 50 trips to the arctic under his belt before the age of 40, or that he’d one day serve as mentor to the new wave of intensely-engaged earth science enthusiasts, many of whom land at UB eager to confront the brewing storm of climate change. 

It only took one freshman geology course for Briner to switch majors, and passion for earth and environmental sciences, plus the drive to address pressing climate problems, has kept him motivated ever since.