Jessica Lowell Mason

Jessica Mason.

Jessica Lowell Mason is currently a PhD student in Global Gender Studies. Her research interests focus on identity and language: women, literature, madness, and queer consciousness as a location of feminist resistance in the life and writing of Virginia Woolf. Situated in disABILITY theory, feminist theory, and queer theory, she strives to use the written contributions of maligned, misunderstood, and heretical women (those dubbed 'madwomen' and 'witches') on the subject of consciousness to "talk back" to norm-enforcing modern-day sanist institutional and social practices. Her larger goal is to combat institutional oppression and to hex the patriarchy. She is the co-founder of Madwomen in the Attic, a grassroots feminist mental health organization. 


Why did you choose UB?

"What drew me to the Program is that social consciousness, social change, and community leadership development are part of the curriculum. It has much to offer the non-traditional, independent-minded, and trailblazing student."


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