Barbara Bono


Barbara Bono.

Barbara Bono


Barbara Bono



Early Modern British literature; the dramatic literature of Shakespeare and his contemporaries; feminist and cultural materialist theory and history

Contact Information

545 Clemens Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-0713

My teaching and research in early modern literature explores the dynamics that animate art, including, centrally, sexuality and gender.


  • PhD, English Literature, Brown University, 1970-78


  • "Literary Transvaluation: From Vergilean Epic to Shakespearean Tragicomedy" – University of California Press, 1984

Selected Publications

  • "The Birth of Tragedy: Tragic Action in Julius Caesar," English Literary Renaissance 24
  • "The Chiefe Knot of All the Discourse: The Maternal Subtext Tying Sidney’s’s Arcadia to Shakespeare’s King Lear"
  • “Gloriana’s Face: Women, Public and Private, in the English Renaissance” 

Work in Progress

  • "The Gynecology of the Text: The Revisions of Sidney’s Arcadia and some of Their Progeny" – A book-length study comparing the socio-symbolic conditions of production of Shakespearean drama, c. 1580-1620