Barbara Wejnert


Barbara Wejnert.

Barbara Wejnert


Barbara Wejnert



Gender, sustainability and democracy; market globalization and gender inequality; democracy, women’s well-being, and environmental sustainability; leadership in sustainability, political systems, and gender

Contact Information

1021 Clemens Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-0787

Being passionate about global democracy and social equality, my transnational research focuses on post-communist transitions, democratization and globalized development.


  • PhD, Sociology, Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland


Authored Books

  • Wejnert, B. (2014, second print 2016). "Diffusion of Democracy: The Past and Future of Global Democracy." Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press           
  • Reviewed and debated with Kurt Weyland. "Perspectives on Politics," 13(2), 497-499. 
  • Wejnert, B. (2009)." Global Gender Reflections: Progress or Regress."  Kent Publishing House (undergoing updates) 

Edited Books

  • Wejnert, B., S. Steinmetz & N. Prakash, (Eds.). (2009) (second edition 2013).  "Safe Motherhood in a Globalized World."  Routledge: New York, London 
  • Dwayne Woods and Wejnert, B. (Eds.) (2014). "The Many Faces of Populism: Current Perspectives. " Special Volume on Populism within Research in Political Sociology, vol. 22. Emerald Books, Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley, UK. 
  • Prakash, N., B. Wejnert & B. McLellan. (Eds.). (2011) "Empowerment of Women through Science & Technology Interventions." London, United Kingdom/Delhi India: Regency Publications /Daya Publishing House (an exclusive branch of Elsevier Science and Technology Publishing Group). 
  • Wejnert, B. (Ed.) (2011) "Democracies: Challenges to Societal Health." Special Volume on Effects of Democratization to Societal Health within Research in Political Sociology, vol. 19.  Emerald Books,  Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley, UK. 
  • Wejnert, B. (Ed.) (2010) " Democratic Paths and Trends." Special Volume on Global Changes and Developments of Democratization within Research in Political Sociology, vol. 18.  Emerald Books, Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley, UK. 
  •  Wejnert, B. (Ed.) (2002). "Transition to Democracy in Eastern Europe and Russia: Impact on Economy, Politics and Culture." Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. 
  •  Wejnert, B. & M. Spencer (Eds.). (1996). "Women in Post-Communism." Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press/Elsevier Science Publishing Group, London, United Kingdom.