Visiting Scholars

US history; American intellectual and cultural history; America and the world; African-American history and studies; digital humanities and digital history; history of science and science studies; advising and mentoring Black and African student/student groups; working with Black Diaspora faculty; working with BIPOC, Latinx, ADIPA, and LGBTQIA faculty, staff, and students on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Affiliated Faculty

Carrie Bramen

Post-Civil War American literature, multicultural fiction, contemporary Latino literature and cultural theory

Department of English


James Currie

18th and 19th c. musicology, intellectual and cultural history

Department of Music


John Dugan

Roman cultural history, history of the late Roman republic, Cicero

Department of Classics


Stephen Dyson

Roman history and archaeology, Roman Italy and Western Empire

Department of Classics


David Fertig

German linguistics

Department of Linguistics


Walter Hakala

South Asian Languages and Literature

Department of English and Asian Studies Program