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II. How to Record and Stream Your Lecture

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a. UB Panopto

If you do not have a clear software preference when it comes to record and stream your lecture, UB Panopto is the choice for you. You can download the software here. Make sure that your computer’s camera and microphone can be recognized by Panopto.

UBIT has a user-friendly step by step guide, ranging from how to install the software to upload the lecture video to your UBlearns site, as well as from how to edit your video to adding captions in your video lecture. Thus, this section introduces just enough information to get you started.

After you download the software, you can begin recording your lecture. Click on the “Create” drop down list and choose “Record a new session.”

Record Session Function.

The recording screen will look like below. The left hand side screen is where you appear during the lecture. You can synchronize with your PowerPoint presentation during the recording, which appears on the right. 

Session Recording Example.

Panopto Basic Functions:

UB Panopto

Step by step basic How to use guide

Some other Functions that might be Useful:

Making basic edits

Adding captions

Panopto Support Groups:

More Ways to Learn about Panopto

Panopto Support

Panopto Webinars (basic training webinars held twice a month)

b. Youtube

If you are already proficient with YouTube video streaming, you might stick with them. UBlearns supports YouTube, and linking the video to your lecture would be an easy task. Currently, they have better caption service than Panopto. But please be aware that your lecture would be available to the whole WWW!