MAH Requirement Manual

 Note that this program, the Humanities Interdisciplinary: Film and Media Study MA is under the umbrella of the Humanities Interdisciplinary MA.  The general spirit of the degree requirements are in line with those published there.  Students should speak with their faculty advisor and the graduate coordinator, Brad Hendricks, to ensure that they are meeting the degree requirements.

Credit Distribution Requirements

Course credits required for graduation must be distributed as described below.  There can be some latitude in terms of what is considered a Film and Media Study course and what can constitute a secondary field.

Note regarding credit distribution:  It is the intention of the department to switch most or all of its classes to 3 credits apiece beginning in the Fall 2021 semester.  This may complicate getting the exact number of credits in each category.  In the event that a targeted number of credits cannot be met exactly, it must be exceeded.  The additional credit will count as elective.