Carl Lam – MM in Violin Performance

What's great about the UB Department of Music?

One of the great things about Music at UB is that although the department focuses on contemporary music, they're very supportive in allowing students the space and freedom to discover what sort of musician they want to be. As an undergrad, they embrace the fact that most students are coming from a traditional, classical background. As a graduate student, they encourage you to branch out, push your limits, expand your knowledge, and find your niche. 

How would you describe your relationship with the faculty?

The faculty are exceptional. They come from well-known, reputable institutions, and they're very well-trained. Their mission is to share their knowledge with the students. My mentor, Professor Hanna Hurwitz, is excellent. She's helped me build confidence and mature as a musician. She pushed me to play music I never thought I could play, which was incredibly inspiring. Working with someone who has a background in both performance and performance psychology also means that she focuses on what the performer is thinking and feeling. That's the kind of training and personal attention you don't get in other music departments. 

Why should students study music at the University at Buffalo? 

I currently work full-time, and I'm incredibly lucky that the UB Department of Music is so flexible with scheduling. Buffalo is a great location with lots of performance opportunities and a really booming arts scene. And though UB is a big research school, Music is a small department, meaning that you never get lost in the shuffle. When students come from other universities, they're going to feel the closeness and personalization from day one. 

Carl Lam.

Carl Lam earned an MM in Violin Performance under the guidance of Professor Hanna Hurwitz