Jared Destro – BA in Music: Composition

What drew you to the UB Department of Music?

The University at Buffalo is a family school, going all the way back to my grandfather who came here for Pharmacology in 1962. I heard great things about the Department of Music through a friend and alumnus of the program. Since joining the department I've come to realize it's both a nurturing community and a place to really hone your skills. 

How would you describe the classroom atmosphere?

The department prides itself on being a close-knit group, where everyone is not only willing to engage with one another, but also really enjoys doing so. I believe it's one of the elements that defines us. I've enjoyed meeting as many people as possible over the past year. Every day when I come to class, I know I will see friends. 

As an undergraduate, what opportunities are available to you?

One of my goals before I graduate is to have an original piece performed by an ensemble here at the University. Professor Jean Kopperud has inspired greater confidence in my abilities as a performer, and she has created many opportunities for me to express myself through music. Professor and Chair Jonathan Golove has also been instrumental in promoting an encouraging environment in which to learn and grow. 

Jared Destro.

Jared Destro is currently pursuing a BA in Music: Composition under the guidance of both composition and performance faculty.