Science and Art Cabaret.

Science & Art Cabaret

The Science & Art Cabaret is a collaboration between the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences, Hallwall's Contemporary Arts Center, UB's Techne Institute, and the Buffalo Museum of Science. Twenty events have been held since the Cabaret's debut in 2009, to packed crowds at Hallwall's Contemporary Arts Center and other venues around downtown Buffalo. Part of the burgeoning Cafe Scientifique movement around the world, the Science & Art Cabaret aims to take science out of the lecture hall and host freewheeling discussions in informal public spaces. The Cabaret's home base is the Ninth Ward at Babeville in Buffalo, an intimate basement club where patrons can grab a drink at the bar and rub elbows with local artists and top university researchers in an interactive, informal setting. What makes the Cabaret unique is our mash-up of cutting-edge science and technology with art, music, poetry, and performance: we celebrate and explore creativity in all its forms, from the quantitative to the whimsical. For each event, we pick a broad theme: "Time", "Science Fiction / Science Fact", "Are We Special?" and throw the theme to scientists, artists, and performers to explore in any way they please. In the process, we uncover surprising commonalities among diverse viewpoints, learn from each other, and have a great time. The Cabaret has developed a loyal audience, and has served as a model for other local events such as the Buffalo Museum of Science's Science Cafe series.

Recent Events

Flyer for Skepticism, Doubt and Denial event.

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