Graduate Overview

Physics Lab of Professor Hong for Spintronics Research in Semiconductors on North Campus in Fronczak Hall.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Physics graduate program at UB is to provide our students with an outstanding education consisting of comprehensive and rigorous course work, intensive independent research experience, and soft skills such as organizing events and interpersonal skills. Our goal is to equip our graduates with the knowledge necessary for the successful pursuit of careers in education, original research or industry. 

We strive for our students to achieve excellence in research, and to actively engage the broader research community. Currently, the Department of Physics instructs 90 graduate students, many of whom are fully-funded through fellowships and assistantships. All of our students are involved to some capacity with our departmental research areas: biological physicscondensed matter physics, high energy physics and cosmology, and non-linear dynamics and statistical physics. They present their research regularly at national and international conferences and contribute to published papers in peer-reviewed journals.

The program provides our graduate students with the tools for future success by fostering excellence both in classroom instruction and research, and ensure that our students have a good portfolio for good placements. We take great pride in our record of graduate student achievement (see where they went).

Contact Us


Katherine Stanton

Graduate Program Coordinator

239 Fronczak Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4906