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Physics is the fundamental science underlying the investigation of all natural phenomena. Its elegant experiments and fundamental theories have provided much of the advancements in present-day science and technology. From the smallest sub-atomic particles to the vastness of cosmic expansion, and at the intermediate scales of our lives – in such areas as solid-state electronics, superconductivity, biological function, and geologic events – physics profoundly impacts our understanding of nature and our ability to harness its secrets.

Our Mission

The Department of Physics aims to provide our students with an outstanding educational experience, consisting of comprehensive and rigorous coursework, laboratory training and hands-on research experience, culminating in a baccalaureate degree.

The department also provides physics education to students majoring in other sciences, in engineering and professional programs, and to non-science majors. We commit to excellence in teaching and mentoring at all levels of study, and actively advise prospective and current students on their educational choices and career paths.

Undergraduate physics student Anne Fortman, recipient of the 2017 Goldwater Scholarship.

Undergraduate physics student Anne Fortman, recipient of the 2017 Goldwater Scholarship

Our Degree Options

Most of the undergraduate physics degree tracks require a GPA in the following prerequisite courses: MTH 141, MTH 142, PHY 107 or 117, PHY 108 or 118 and PHY 158. The order in which these courses are taken is important, so please view the Summary of Physics Major Requirements to ensure you register correctly. 

The Department of Physics also partners with the Department of Electrical Engineering to offer a BA in Engineering Physics. 

Our Curriculum

The core of our major tracks involve courses focused on five key topic-areas: classical mechanics; electricity and magnetism; thermal and statistical physics; modern physics (including quantum mechanics and relativity); and experimental methods. In addition, our upper-level electives, research courses and internships allow students to experience an array of specialty areas in further preparation for graduate study and future careers.

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