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Force Registration

Students can submit force registration requests for the following reasons:

1.   Prerequisite or Corequisite Missing. This is only accepted if the following conditions apply:

  • Transfer work is in progress or has not been received by UB.  Students must supply proof of enrollment and completion of the prerequisite or corequisite courses.
  • Student received an exception to use a specific course in lieu of a prerequisite or corequisite, or needs to request permission from the course instructor to waive a prerequisite or corequisite.

2.   Course is Closed. Be sure to add a different open section, or enroll to the waitlist, if available. 

3.   Repeat. Students are permitted to self-enroll in a class twice.  Any attempts to register for the class beyond the two permitted must be approved by the department. Policies can be viewed here: repeat policy

4.   Permission Required. This pertains to classes that require specific permissions, i.e. internships, undergraduate research, etc.

NOTE: We do not Force Register into labs. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. 

You may not request Force Registration if you are not in the reserve group. 

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