Sambandamurthy Ganapathy


Sambandamurthy Ganapathy.

Sambandamurthy Ganapathy


Sambandamurthy Ganapathy


Associate Dean for Research


Physical properties of low dimensional condensed matter systems using advanced nanofabrication techniques and low temperature transport measurements


  • PhD, Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India – 2000
  • Postdoctoral Research at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel – 2001-2004
  • National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, FL and Princeton University – 2004-2006

Research Areas

Research Interests

Our experimental research group studies physical properties of low dimensional condensed matter systems. We use advanced nanofabrication techniques combined with controlled sample growth to design and develop sub-micron devices. These devices will be used to explore microscopic mechanisms that influence and/or dictate the fundamental physical properties at the nanometer scale level.

We explore electron transport in oxide nanowire FETs, nanotubes, 2D semiconductors, and other atomic layers under extreme physical conditions: ultra low temperatures (10 mK), high magnetic fields (16 T) and a.c. electric fields (~GHz). Some of our physics interests include metal-insulator transitions, noise spectroscopy near phase transitions, superconductor-insulator transition, microwave spectroscopy to study collective phases in 2D materials etc. 

Awards and Honors

  • Sir Charles Clore Post-doctoral Fellowship, Weizmann Institute, 2001, 2002
  • NSF CAREER award, 2009

Selected Publications

  • “Selective electrochemical reactivity of rutile VO2 towards the suppression of metal-insulator transition”PHYSICAL REVIEW B   Volume: 93   Issue: 12     Article Number: 125132   Published: MAR 21 2016
  • “Atomic Origins of Monoclinic-Tetragonal (Rutile) Phase Transition in Doped VO2 Nanowires” NANO LETTERS   Volume: 15   Issue: 11   Pages: 7179-7188   Published: NOV 2015 
  • “Microwave Spectroscopy Evidence of Superconducting Pairing in the Magnetic-Field-Induced Metallic State ofInOx Films at Zero Temperature”PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   Volume: 111   Issue: 6     Article Number: 067003   Published: AUG 8 2013 
  • “Charge Disproportionation and Voltage-Induced Metal-Insulator Transitions Evidenced in beta-PbxV2O5Nanowires”ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS   Volume: 23   Issue: 2   Pages: 153-160   Published: JAN 14 2013
  • Single-Nanowire Raman Microprobe Studies of Doping-, Temperature-, and Voltage-Induced Metal InsulatorTransitions of WxV1-xO2 Nanowires”ACS NANO   Volume: 5   Issue: 11   Pages: 8861-8867   Published: NOV 2011
  • “Observation of pinning mode of stripe phases of 2D systems in high Landau levels”PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   Volume: 100   Issue: 25     Article Number: 256801   Published: JUN 27 2008
  • “Melting of a 2D quantum electron solid in high magnetic field”NATURE PHYSICS   Volume: 2   Issue: 7   Pages: 452-455   Published: JUL 2006
  • “Superconductivity-related insulating behavior”PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   Volume: 92   Issue: 10     Article Number: 107005