A University at Buffalo research team has received a $770,000 grant to develop and validate certain biological markers in animals and humans that could lead to a simple blood test to determine exposure to dioxin and related chemical contaminants.
"The Book of Moves" • "The melody. And the Melody inside that" • "More Confused Clown" • "Slap Your Neighbor's Face" • "L'Escalier du Diable" • "De Amore, a 12th- Century Love Letter" • "Pleiades" • "Hockey" ...titles of works to be performed at the1993 North American New Music Festival
The University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning will hold a scholars conference and workshop on the Darwin D. Martin House on Saturday, Oct. 30, and Sunday, Oct. 31. Invited scholars will review and discuss aspects of the restoration plan for the property and make recommendations for its operation as a house museum.
The largest gathering of Frank Lloyd Wright scholars and experts ever held in Buffalo will speak at a public forum on Sunday, Oct. 31, from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society on the subject of the Darwin Martin House Restoration Project.
Several Western New York companies are trying to gain toe-holds in Eastern European markets with the help of University at Buffalo MBA students.
In conjunction with the celebration of its 100th anniversary during 1992-93, the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and its dental alumni association set out to raise $l million to provide a permanent endowment fund to support programs and activities of the school for which state funding is limited or unavailable.
Philip Coppens, Ph.D., distinguished professor of chemistry at the University at Buffalo, has been elected president of the International Union of Crystallography, the body that brings together 38 national crystallographic organizations, encompassing about 10,000 crystallographers worldwide.
The University at Buffalo has been named one of four sites in the United States for a new, on-line teaching-partnership program sponsored by Chemical Abstract Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society and a key source of published data.
A drug-delivery system that some pharmaceutical scientists had all but written off has been found to boost greatly the efficacy of a promising ovarian cancer treatment, according to a paper published by University at Buffalo scientists in the current issue of Pharmaceutical Research.
Every university in the U.S. has a building named after an important benefactor.
Just because a building is designed to resist earthquake forces doesn't mean that the computers and medical equipment inside of it will come through an earthquake unscathed.
The United Way of Buffalo & Erie County has begun a community-wide effort to aid the early childhood development of all children in Erie County.
A new chemical compound, produced by a reaction that the researchers say should never have happened, has been discovered by two University at Buffalo chemists.
Robert J. Genco, D.D.S., Ph.D., distinguished professor and internationally known dental researcher at the University at Buffalo, has received the American Academy of Periodontology's Gold Medal.