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UB's professor Dejan Stojkovic and collaborator Professor De-Chang Dai of Yangzhou University in China discuss the possibility of a transversable wormhole as a hidden passage in Scientific American. Could we spy a traversable wormhole in the Milky Way’s heart?

The quantum technology advancement could help lead to improvements in computing, data processing.


Physicists manipulate energy valleys in tungsten disulfide, with potential applications in quantum computing.

Professor Igor Zutic and collaborators from NYU discover a new state of matter, which offers promise for increasing storage capabilities in electronic devices and enhancing quantum computing.

Membrane-less organelles, found inside human cells, have a variety of important biological functions, from gene regulation to stress response.


UB’s physics department is hosting a conference for Large Hadron Collider researchers this week.


The minimally invasive technique could lead to advances in mapping the brain and treating neurological disease.


Researchers show that they can quickly measure a protein’s microscopic movements, opening new possibilities in medical research.


Funding comes as the field marks its latest big discovery — the observation of the Higgs boson’s most common mode of decay.