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Professors Ia Iashvili, Avto Kharchilava and Salvatore Rappoccio, have been awarded a sizable National Science Foundation award to continue their experimental work at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Their research will search for subtle signatures of Beyond Standard Model physics with data from the CMS detector using advanced methods for identifying rare signals and addressing systematic uncertainties. See the coverage in UBNow for more information.

Funding comes as the field marks its latest big discovery — the observation of the Higgs boson’s most common mode of decay.

Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Om Bahethi and Mrs. Saraswati Bahethi, the Department of Physics has given out three Om and Saraswati Bahethi Scholarship for PhD Students, two scholarship for Masters Students, and one Undergraduate Scholarship.

Scientists have improved the performance of magnetic nanoparticles designed to roast and destroy tumors.


UB scientists contributed to the research, which confirms predictions but leaves open prickly questions about the nature of the universe.


Study results could one day inform the design of new materials for protective gear, energy-harvesting devices and more.


The minimally invasive technique could lead to advances in mapping the brain and treating neurological disease.

Ciaran Williams, Assistant Professor of Physics, has been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award to continue his theoretical work for the CERN Large Hadron Collider. See the coverage in UBNow for more information.
Anne Fortman received an 2017 Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations, Anne!