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UB’s physics department is hosting a conference for Large Hadron Collider researchers this week.


The minimally invasive technique could lead to advances in mapping the brain and treating neurological disease.


Researchers show that they can quickly measure a protein’s microscopic movements, opening new possibilities in medical research.


Funding comes as the field marks its latest big discovery — the observation of the Higgs boson’s most common mode of decay.


Scientists have improved the performance of magnetic nanoparticles designed to roast and destroy tumors.


UB scientists contributed to the research, which confirms predictions but leaves open prickly questions about the nature of the universe.


Study results could one day inform the design of new materials for protective gear, energy-harvesting devices and more.


New research illuminates some basic properties of these eccentric marvels of biology.

Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Om Bahethi and Mrs. Saraswati Bahethi, the Department of Physics has given out three Om and Saraswati Bahethi Scholarship for PhD Students, two scholarship for Masters Students, and one Undergraduate Scholarship.