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All three experts weighed in on the scandal surrounding Rep. Chris Collins' indictment on charges of insider trading shares of Innate Immunotherapeutics, an Australian biotech firm.
Junior political science and computer science major Mike Brown has been elected for a second term as UB Council student representative.
It was no nail-biter, but elections for the 2018-2019 Student Association executive board still managed to bring over 650 students out to vote. The turnout is an improvement since the last time an SA e-board ran unopposed in 2015 when only 217 students voted.
The Robert Stern Award is awarded to the best research paper written by a Political Science undergraduate major.
Extreme political views might be driving some people away from churches, but the actual number of departing parishioners is not that large and those who do leave the pews are mostly marginally involved with the institution, according to a new study co-authored by a UB political scientist.
Professors Claude Welch and Jeannette Ludwig’s photography collection is the subject of the “Wayfarers” exhibition.
Dylan was awarded the “Distinguished Dissertation Award” by the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS) at their 24th Biennial conference in Las Vegas.