Political Science at UB

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Claude Welch and students.

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science Claude Welch and students

The UB Department of Political Science is a tight-knit, research-oriented and collegial community. We offer both undergraduate and graduate students the exceptional opportunity to work closely with world-class faculty and gain hands-on experience in a globally significant discipline. 

Our Research

The award-winning Political Science faculty boast extensive records of producing high-impact, theoretically and methodologically rigorous research. In recent years, our faculty have authored or co-authored over 20 books while publishing many more edited, text or reference books, book chapters and articles in scholarly journals.

Of their more than 250 published articles, nearly 100 have appeared in journals ranked among the top 25 in the discipline, such as: American Political Science Review; American Journal of Political Science; Journal of Politics; World Politics; British Journal of Political Science; Comparative Politics; Comparative Political Studies; Political Research Quarterly; Political Science Quarterly; Public Opinion Quarterly; Journal of Conflict Resolution; International Studies Quarterly; Legislative Studies Quarterly; and American Politics Research.

Student Testimonials

"My UBPSC experience gave me the versatility and skills to be ready for an opportunity I never anticipated. And as I work today with a world-class team of researchers, consulting with communities on some of their most pressing challenges, I’m ever grateful for my campus experience at UB." – Joe Stefko, BA, MA, PhD in Political Science

Our Faculty