Undergraduate Overview

Undergraduate poli-sci students in class.

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Undergraduate political science majors join the department with a diverse array of backgrounds, interests and career aspirations. To meet their unique needs, we offer a selection of cocentrations that prepare students for law school, graduate school, public affairs, government services or international studies. 

Our Mission

The Department of Political Science's undergraduate mission is twofold:

  1. To provide undergraduate majors with a broad and deep understanding of government and politics, as well as the analytical skills by which this knowledge is acquired and the communication skills necessary to convey it to others.
  2. To offer both introductory and advanced political science courses that are enlightening to undergraduate students in other majors.
Student Testimonials

“I really appreciate the education I received at the University at Buffalo. The liberal arts training and the Department of Political Science have had a life-long positive impact on me.”
– Peter Dalton, BA in Political Science

The Learning Environment

As they progress through their degree program, undergraduate students encounter a variety of instruction techniques. At the introductory level, courses are primarily lecture-based and involve a large cohort, sometimes upwards of 200 students. Upper-division courses are generally limited to less than 50 students and include both lecture and discussion-based sessions. For courses that meet the Methods of Inquiry requirement, students also participate in labs. 

If students choose to pursue an independent study or an internship (highly encouraged!), they will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a faculty member and work toward achieving individualized goals. To maintain flexibility, online courses are typically offered every semester as well as over the winter and summer intersessions. 

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Major Concentrations

Q. What can I do with a degree in political science?

A. Learn more about the career outlook for poli-sci majors! 

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