Ruixiang Wang

Ruixiang Wang.

MA in General Psychology, UB

PhD Student, Behavioral Neuroscience, UB

“As an MA student at UB, I spent most of my time reading literature, writing essays, and participating in lab research. In retrospect, I am impressed by the knowledge and skills I gained in such a short period of time. I found the devotion of the professors to be impressive; they read every assignment students submitted and sent out feedback in a timely fashion, gave career-oriented suggestions, and enthusiastically recommended students to research labs and higher-level school programs.

I am now a PhD student in Behavioral Neuroscience at UB. The rigorous training in Psychology MA program has well prepared me for the current study. I benefited a lot from the hands-on experience obtained in lab research, critical-thinking and writing skills honed in class, and the solid psychology background laid through the well-rounded curriculum." – Ruixiang Wang