What is Psychology?

Karina Rosales at the UB CLIMB UP Symposium.

Psychology student Karina Rosales at the UB CLIMB UP Symposium

Psychology is the study of all aspects of behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study a wide variety of topics such as how the brain works, how behavior can become disordered, how our memory is organized, how we process information and regulate behavior, how people relate to each other, and how children develop and learn about the world.

A Diverse, Interdisciplinary Field

Psychology also has many applications, such as the assessment and treatment of behavioral disorders, analyses of behavior in school and work settings, and the enhancement of the mental and physical well-being of people.

Psychology includes research on things as basic as receptors in the brain all the way up to public policy – and everything in between. Because it is so diverse, everyone can find something in psychology that is of interest.

Psychology has links to the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the biomedical sciences and leads to a variety of career opportunities. Professional psychologists work in many areas including clinical psychology, health psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, forensic psychology, management, sports psychology and counseling psychology.

What Do Our Faculty Research?

Psychology students.

Psychology students Maria Ng (left) and Savitoj Kaur

Mouse in Prof. Dent's Lab.

Research in Prof. Micheal Dent's lab investigates how animals communicate

Why Did You Choose Psychology?