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The links below will guide you to essential information and assist you as your progress through your academic programs in UB Theatre and Dance. 

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Student Travel and Reimbursement

Preliminary knowledge of any travel has proven to be very helpful in obtaining a speedy reimbursement. Being able to prepare a voucher before actual travel gives the opportunity to obtain information that might not be readily available after a conference/symposium occurs.

To request travel reimbursement, please complete the following form and upload all necessary documentation: 

CAS - Theatre and Dance Department - Student Travel Reimbursement Request - Formstack

For a speedy reimbursement, please provide the following:

  1. Travel plans and justification documents, such as itinerary / conference agenda. 
  2. Forward any/all information as soon as possible rather than waiting until after you have traveled. This may include conference name, city, dates, air itinerary, payment for airfare, lodging confirmation, registration and payment of registration, etc.
  3. Which account your travel is being funded from.
  4. Documentation, such as a copy of a travel award letter or research fund approval should be included, this letter should denote the total approved funds, and if there a travel limit and/or exactly what expenses may be covered.

Reminder: Credit Card/Bank Statements MUST Accompany Your Documentation

  1. The required documentation includes: 
    • If flying: Flight itinerary from your booking agent and a credit/bank statement showing the transaction. Your flight itinerary should reflect dates, times and dollar amounts.  
    • If driving: A printed Google map (or similar software) from UB North Campus to the address you drive to (one way is sufficient).
  2. If you plan on extending your plans either before or after a conference, you must supply a listing of flight comparables showing your travel from one day before and one day after the conference. For example: If a conference is from the 10th – 13th, and you want to go early on the 5th, you must provide your itinerary showing these dates and ALSO a flight itinerary showing travel from the 9th – 13th or 14th. Or, if you wish to stay later, a flight itinerary from the 9th or 10th – 14th, plus your itinerary showing your extended dates.
  3.  When booking your airfare (research accts only), remember to adhere to the Fly America Act. This states that you must use a U.S. carrier when booking all international flights. If during the trip, you are transported on a non-U.S. carrier, the flight will still be reimbursed. However, your itinerary must show a U.S. carrier leaving and returning to the U.S., and payment must be to a U.S. company, (eg. Orbitz).
  4. Unusual situations occur in travel. For example, you may share a room with someone else and pay them for your portion of the bill or they may pay you for their portion of the bill. It is recommended that you get a lodging receipt from the hotel with all names on it. If a name other than your own shows on the bill, you must have that person write a letter/email stating that you paid them a portion of that bill and you must have a copy of your check/receipt that shows you paid along with a copy of the hotel bill. The same if you paid, have the other person send documentation of their payments. This usually happens with grad students and not faculty, however, it’s best to be prepared. Please provide a lodging receipt with your name on it and a credit/bank statement showing the lodging transaction.
  5. Food receipts are not necessary. If you are to be reimbursed for food purchases, we follow NYS per diem allotment chart.
  6. If you have direct deposit, chances are your reimbursement will be direct deposited into your account. If you wish to have a check mailed to you, please request this in advance.

Applicable Forms: 

The CAS Procurement Team handles travel reimbursement requests. Please contact Kim Brown, 645-4022, with travel questions. 

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