Current Graduate Students

PhD in Theatre and Performance

Adrianna DiRisio.

Research Topics: Intercultural performance and performance as a cultural and political product/export, with an emphasis on Chinese performance.

Na Rae Kwon.

Research Topics: Interdisciplinary theories of global musical theater works and music performances.

Robyn Horn.

Research Topics: Activist and utopian performance within right-wing and conservative Christian communities.

Shane Thorn.

Research Topics: Opera, international and historical forms of musical theatre, and intermedial and experimental approaches to theatre.

MFA in Dance

Katherine Mackey.

Research Topics: Exploring forms of communication and agency through movement practice and its use as a bridge between the mind and body split (as set up in Cartesian dualism).

Mary Schnepf dances on a bridge.

Research Topics: Cognitive perception and choreographic meaning, screendance, dance and technology, dance science and somatics, dance pedagogy, multi-disciplinary approaches to performance, and the evolution of storytelling, music and dance in the Americas.

Mary Sullivan, Headshot.

Research Topics: A corrugation of Inquiries: Aesthetic Values and Scholarship through the Activated Political Body

Faculty Name.
Naila Ansari, Headshot.

Research Topics: The evolution of Black Dance in America through oppression and celebration.

Nitya Vedantam, Headshot.

Research Topics: The mind-body connection through dance and the symbiotic links between Bharatanatyam and Modern dance, gender constructs as foregrounding patriarchy and the potential of dance as a site to confirm, subvert, challenge and re-conceptualize these gender norms.

Phil Wackerfuss, Headshot.

Research Topics: Spiritual Dance Practice and its relation to the Healing Arts, Meditation, and Technological Translation of Movement

MA in Theatre and Performance

Yao Kahlil Newkirk.

Research Topics: Identity Politics and Trans-Radical Understanding as it relates to Theatre Practice and Cross-Cultural-Communication; the integration of Multimedia can help further the stories we tell onstage.

Bridget Magowan.

Research Topics: K-12 Theatre Education and Theatre for Young Audiences; body image in youth theatre.

Evan Moritz 

So Yun Yun