Narae Kwon

Na Rae Kwon.

Narae Kwon

Narae Kwon

Research Topics

Interdisciplinary theories of global musical theater works and music performances.

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Narae Kwon, a trained actor and singer-songwriter, is a current doctoral student in the department of Theatre & Dance at University at Buffalo, SUNY. As a passionate practitioner-researcher, Narae’s resolve is to improve sustainability of global communities by connecting studies of performance and environment. Her current research interests span from sustainable performance to performance ethics, while she maintains a balance of research and practice as well. Narae is currently working on a sustainable music project, combining her experiences at Environmental non-governmental organizations and at musical theater and media.

Narae holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Emory University, and an MA in the Interdisciplinary Program in Performing Arts Studies from Seoul National University.