Dahye Lee

Dahye Lee stands in front of a Rothko.

Dahye Lee

Dahye Lee

MA Theatre and Performance, Class of 2019

Research Topics

The intersection of performance studies and cultural anthropology.


Dahye is a dancer and a choreographer who specializes in Korean contemporary dance. She is a second-year MA student in the Department of Theatre & Dance at SUNY, Buffalo. She completed her MFA in Dance at Ewha Womans University, Seoul. She double majored Dance and Philosophy at Ewha Womans University for her BA.

With a belief that performance reveals the truest color of each culture, she is invested in exploring the distinct cultural senses and histories that are inscribed on a body as a palimpsest. In addition, she is intrigued by performance's interaction both onstage and off stage with material culture. In her current project, "Performance of Rage: Self Care through Violence against Objects," she investigates the performance in rage rooms, where paying customers smash objects such as chinaware and electronics with weapons like baseball bats and sledgehammers to relieve stress and anxiety.