Dr. Ariel Nereson to Join Sawyer Seminar on Reimagining Race in America

Published August 29, 2022

Dr. Ariel Nereson.

Dr. Ariel Nereson

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Ariel Nereson, PhD, on her acceptance as a participant in the Sawyer Seminar Reimagining the American Landscape: Race and the Future of Public History. Funded by the Mellon Foundation and hosted by the University of Virginia’s Memory Project, Nereson was selected to develop her next book project Abolition Imaginaries: Universities, the Arts, and the Afterlives of Slavery, which has also been awarded an OVPRED/HI Research Award from the University at Buffalo.

The seminar meets monthly throughout the academic year and culminates in an on-site symposium at UVA aligned with the Universities Studying Slavery organization.  

More details about the Sawyer Seminar can be found here: https://memoryproject.virginia.edu/sawyer-seminar