Guest Artists, Scholars, and Lecturers

At UB Theatre and Dance, Fearless Artistry, Technical Mastery, and Professional Versatility matter. Each year, additional production, performance and research opportunities arise as a result of interdisciplinary collaborations, faculty research and creative activities, and visiting guest artists and scholars whose experiences reflect the breadth of careers in the performing arts. As a result, Theatre and Dance students are exposed to an array of artistic styles, techniques, theories and applications that help develop their skills, deepen their knowledge and prepare them for the future.

Our multitude of guest residencies each year enhances the main curriculum and features a wide range of theatre artists, choreographers, performers, directors, scholars, and educators working across a variety of forms, both practical and theoretical. The following is a schedule of the industry professionals who will provide guest workshops and master classes for our talented students this academic semester.


2024-2025 Guests

2023-2024 Guests

2022-2023 Guests

2021-2022 Guests

2020-2021 Guests

Guests Prior to 2020