Professor Jenna Zavrel Contributes Dance Film to Istanbul Festival

Published October 3, 2023

Dance Camera Istanbul logo.

Congratulations to Clinical Assistant Professor Jenna Zavrel. Her screendance Nina was accepted into the Dance Camera Istanbul International Film Festival, currently in progress. The six-day festival is in collaboration with Impro Dance Fest, also based in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Nina features a performance by UB senior dance major Nina Tucker, as well as videographer contributions from Buffalo film professional Neal Ten Eyck. The film was screened in the Hope Alkazar Art Center and will also be shown in Atlanta, GA. This is the sixth International Film Festival where the project has been published. 

Close photograph of student dancer Nina Tucker, a young black woman, with her eyes closed in the sun.

Nina Tucker in Nina

Secondary Dance Festival logo.

Since its establishment in 2007, Dance Camera Istanbul (DCI) has screened a wide variety of hundreds of groundbreaking and acclaimed dance films by artists from around the world, while hosting panels, workshops, produced works, and live international dance performances and dance photography exhibits at acclaimed arts venues around the city. DCI features choreography for the camera, experimental short films that emphasize movement design, and dance documentaries.