Spring 2023 Student Directed Show Auditions

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Dear UB and THD Students,

The Department of Theatre & Dance invites you to audition for this spring's Student Directed Productions. Please see the attached audition notice below for more information.  ALL UB students* are encouraged to audition for a role in our upcoming spring season.

*Auditions and casting are open to any UB student carrying at least 3 credit hours. The Department of Theatre and Dance requires that students be in good academic standing to be considered for all production activities. “Good standing” includes, but is not limited to, an overall GPA of 2.0 (and a departmental GPA of 2.5 when applicable).

Auditions for Spring Student Directed Productions

Tuesday, January 31, arrive between 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Alumni Arena, Room 190

There are two presentations that will audition at this time:

DANCE NATION by Clare Barron directed by Isabella Gomez-Barrientos for DREAMS AFFIRMED

Presented March 3 & 4 at the Katharine Cornell Theatre.

Please be aware that the role of Connie as per specific condition of the author, must be played by an actress of South Asian descent.


Somewhere in America, an army of pre-teen competitive dancers plots to take over the world. And if their new routine is good enough, they’ll claw their way to the top at Nationals in Tampa Bay. A play about ambition, growing up, and how to find our souls in the heat of it all.

WASTING AWAY by Blake Arin Lombardo Directed by Fiona Lombardo Presented February 24 & 25 at the Katharine Cornell Theatre.


A new play receiving its first fully staged production. A story of awakening and transition as characters cope with the death of their friend.

Please arrive with time to fill in audition forms. A head shot and resume are suggested, but not necessary.


Please prepare either a 90 second dramatic monologue or a 90 second story of a memory from your childhood. Make sure to bring a headshot and resume and arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the director, Isabella Gomez-Barrientos, at iggomezb@buffalo.edu. For more play information you can use:



Please prepare one of the attached monologues as well as a headshot and resume.

Please be advised: this play contains strong language, drug use, same-sex relationships, homophobic bullying, a staged fight, and mentions of suicide.

Questions? Email: fmlombar@buffalo.edu

Character Breakdowns:

Damon – Damon died at 18 years old, about a year before the present day. He was a star athlete of the high school, with college plans and a way out, before drowning to death at a party under mysterious circumstances. He was dating Cassidy at the time but was growing tired of her. Always searching for love and validation to fill a void he can’t explain. Appears mostly as flashbacks/visions.

Ethan – A stoner bro, his life got off the rails after a surprise kiss with Damon the night of his death. The shock of his first gay experience coupled with Damon’s death caused him to drop out, move into his mom's basement and get a dead-end job. He spends his time smoking weed and trying not to think. He still has trouble accepting himself.

Brayden – Analytical type, Brayden is cold and observant, and unwilling to get close to people. He would rather use people to get what he wants. He was Damon’s best friend, but secretly had a crush on him. He pushed these feelings away and did something ultra-masculine: slept with his best friend's girlfriend. Fighting over this was one of his last moments with Damon. A year later, he is left to reckon with his mistakes.

Cassidy – She was Damon’s girlfriend, she was very loving but it wasn’t enough for him. She is always seeking validation from others, and never stopped to care for herself. Feeling guilty for sleeping with Brayden, she beat herself up over Damon’s death, and entered therapy to help come to terms with it and work on herself.

Mia – A fellow graduate, she was a casual friend of the others in high school, but they weren’t really close. She was always on the outskirts in high school but she found her stride in college and came back more confident and more of a partier.

Jordan - Mia’s non-binary friend from college, they are Mia’s plus one to the party. They are watching the story from an outside perspective, offering advice at times. They are a passive observer who likes to look on the bright side (and has all the drugs).



That's so typical. You think you deserve praise, and for everyone to adore you so you never have to take responsibility for your actions! You just love the admiration. Can't get enough! Man, I'm sick of all the pressure! From you and my mom and from everyone, you don't let me live - you just fuck my girlfriend and leave me to fend for myself! You don't see how fucked up that is, or you just won't admit it, because it'd prove how much of a shitty person you are for doing that to me.


Maybe if we had loved each other, it would've been something great. If I could love someone, anyone, hell, I might've been great at it. I'd treat my boyfriend well, I'd be happy to love him, show him there's nothing to hide and no reason to be ashamed... but it's hard to think that I might never have that. I'm nineteen and there's a lot of life to be had, right? It doesn't feel that way.

I feel like I'm struggling for even one more day, just holding on... And maybe there is someone waiting for me, but the thought of waiting out time to meet them sounds like it could kill me before I get there. (sighs) I wish you could be real, Damon. You could come in and be my knight in shining armor and save the day. Instead you left me fucked up. I can't even consider a man who isn't exactly like you - except my ideal man is six feet in the fucking ground. (he stomps on the dirt) Six feet in the ground in a cemetery just across the lake. Less than a mile from the place where he lost his life - no. Where it was taken from him. Am I just supposed to accept that your killer is free while you're trapped in the ground? You should be here! Better you than fucking Brayden. Fuck, I'd let God take me instead if he could just bring you back!


I don't need your pity. I made my decision and I'm fine with it. At least... I thought I was.

Seeing you here, I thought I could get some answers, figure out why Damon kissed you, but I still

don't fucking know. Maybe you were just here at the right place, right time. Who knows, maybe he actually liked you. All I know is, last winter, I had thought I'd seen the last of him. But he still fucking haunts me. Every time I fucking close my eyes. After he visited me,I thought that was the end, but I was wrong. He never left, just wanted to toy with me a little. I dream that I'm...

that I'm doing it all over again, holding him down... I dream of him screaming at me for what I did, and I see him when I'm awake too, I see him forgiving me and condemning me, I see every aspect of what could've been and I'm left knowing that none of it is real.


All this talk about us has got me thinking... about that night. It ruined everything, after it happened - but the night, it was good, right? Damon and I weren't meant to last, we would've separated in college or drifted away or something, if it didn't happen with you then I know something else would've come between us because the good things never last, but Brayden! We can choose to last!

We have the free will to do what we want and my life has been shit since that night we spent together, so I choose you. We can get back to before. My happiness shouldn’t have to die with him.