Online Course Success at UB: Top 10 Tips

1. Online communication is the key to success.

Check your syllabus to find the best way to communicate with your professors.

*Bonus tip: Be clear and professional in all of your communications.

2. Be proactive.

Start your work well before the due date.

*Bonus tip: Do not wait to contact your professor if an issue arises!

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3. Treat online studying like a job.

Studying is a part of your job as an online student. Commit to your studies as seriously as you would commit to your career.

4. Find or create a quiet study space.

Use a designated space for studying. Turn off social media and focus completely on your studies.

5. Always ask for help if you need.

The staff and faculty at UB are here to help you. Contact advisement, your department, counseling services, accessibility resources and tutoring for assistance.

6. Participate in class discussions.

In online classes, virtual discussions take place to help you. The more you participate in the conversation, the more you will learn.

7. Make studying routine.

Study at the same time, in the same place each day to make studying habitual. 

8. Maximize use of technology and resources.

Take advantage of all that UB Learns, the UBIT Help Center and University Libraries have to offer.

*Bonus tip: Get your classmates phone numbers. This will help you stay on track, have contacts in case of technical issues and make new friends!

9. Take notes by hand.

Taking notes by hand can help you better retain information. Remember flashcards?

*Bonus tip: Use UB’s resources for time management and study skills

10. Yes, take breaks.

Take regular breaks, and be mindful about how long your break is. Five minutes is enough to recharge. Netflix will be there when you’re done! 

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