Published December 7, 2023

2024 WNYHS Exhibition Information Page

Great Expectations: 2024 WNY Regional High School Art Exhibition Text on a pattern background, with horizontal stripes of yellow, white and black, reading: Great Expectations: 2024 WNY Regional High School Art Exhibition January 24, - February 17, 2024 Reception and Awards: Thursday, 2/1/24, 5-8PM At the UB Department of Art Lower Gallery In Room B45 of the Center for the Arts.


UB's Department of Art will once again be hosting an exhibition of Western New York High School student art works in early 2024. We look forward to seeing your students' works!

Who is Eligible

  • All fine art and design; 2D, 3D, and digital media, will be accepted.
  • Open to all students grades 9-12
  • Teachers complete nominations and currier work-- must instruct at a high school within Western New York.
  • Limit for each school of 5 works per teacher.


Nominating Submission Form

Deadline: Tuesday, January 16, 2024 (Revised from 1/8/24)

Art, design, and technology teachers may nominate their own students' work, and are responsible for delivering and retrieving those works from the UB Department of Art Lower Gallery, in room B45 of the Center for the Arts, on UB North Campus.

The following artwork information form must be completed digitally, in addition to the artwork tag (see below) to be attached physically to delivered works. 

 (Only Teachers submit; One per student)

All teacher-submitted works accepted

In years past, we have typically accepted all nominated works. The teachers are basically jurying within their pool of students, but the UB Department of Art is not selecting works, other than the special honors that we will grant to some at the 2/1 Reception and Awards Ceremony. 

Artwork Entry Tag

Please fill out the PDF below and attach the corresponding information securely to each artwork for drop-off. It is extremely important that all the information is complete, legible and firmly attached to the works.

Thank you!

Preparing Work for Drop-off
  1. Print and fill out the Artwork Entry Tag and securely attach to each of the corresponding works. All works must have the top side clearly marked. 
  2. Frames are highly encouraged for 2D works. Works submitted on a backing board must be securely attached (we have found double stick tapes and tape in general does not often hold up over the life of the show).
  3. All works that are wall mounted should have stable hardware for hanging or margins so the work may be displayed with exhibition pins or magnets. 
  4. All free standing 3D work should be able to stand on its' own whether on a pedestal or the floor. 
  5. Unique methods of display are welcome, however please provide written instructions, photos, or diagrams on how it is to be displayed attached to the piece. 

Dates and Times


  • Wednesday, January 24th, 2024, to Saturday, February 17th, 2024


  • Thursday, February 1st, 2024, 5-8PM
  • Awards given out at 6pm

Lower Gallery Visiting Hours

Work Drop-off & Pick-up


  • Wed. 1/10; Thurs. 1/11; and Fri. 1/12:   7:30AM-10AM
  • Sat. 1/13:   12-4PM
  • Tues. 1/16:   2-6PM 
  • Wed. 1/17:   7:30AM-10AM 


  • Tues. 2/20 - Fri. 2/23: 10AM - 7PM
  • Sat. 2/24, 12-4PM
  • Mon. 2/26 & Tues. 2/27: 10AM-7PM
  • Wed. 2/28: 7:30AM-4PM


Requests for alternative times may be made to the Art Resource Manager by phone or email. We will try out best to accomodate.

The Department of Art is not reponsible for works left onsite after the last scheduled pick-up day. Teachers must pickup the work in a scheduled window, unless alternatives have been confirmed by the Art Resource Manager.

Visitors must abide by UB's Visitor Parking Guidelines

  • Recommended: coin-operated parking meters, close to the Center for the Arts:
    • Alumni A Lot — near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena 
    • Baird B Lot — near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena 
    • Coventry Loop — near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena.