Big Packer Energy

Sam Moyer-Kardos
Friday, Dec. 18th 2020, 7pm EST


Artworks selected for this exhibition include graphic abstract art juxtaposed against figurative portraiture that inserts queer people into the context of art history and fine art. Addressing this juxtaposition, the artist will discuss gender identity within queer relationships. They will show pictures of private moments that demonstrate deep intimacy with the painted subjects amidst an active dispelling of heterosexual voyeuristic gazing practices. In a world that continues to erase and reject LGBTQ+ people, especially queer people of color, this process and the resulting body of work invites viewers to both appreciate the beauty of queer people and support the unique relationships which undergird such beauty.

  • Quinn and Dennis, by Sam Moyer-Kardos.

    About: Sam Moyer-Kardos is a New York City-based artist who identifies as gender non-binary and queer. Their intention is to paint portraits that put LGBTQ+ people front and center, rather than being silenced by societal norms.

Event Recording: “Big Packer Energy” with Sam Moyer-Kardos

Recorded, Friday, December 18th, 2020
 “Big Packer Energy” with Sam Moyer-Kardos