an exploration of intertextuality and identity by women and queer artists

Poster image, Gabrielle Civil, still from Fugue (Da Montréal) (2014).

Gabrielle Civil, still from Fugue (Da Montréal) (2014), image courtesy of the artist and Starr Rien

an exploration of intertextuality and identity by women and queer artists
Online Exhibition & Virtual Event Series

Opening Tuesday, Dec. 15th
Live Artist Talks and Events will be highlighted through the exhibition's duration

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 2020 to Friday, Jan. 15th, 2021

Curated by Jocelyn E. Marshall,
PhD Candidate Department of English, SUNY Buffalo

Supported by the James H. McNulty Chair of English, SUNY Buffalo

In Sextual/Textual Politics (1985), feminist Toril Moi emphasizes that no account can ever be neutral. This exhibition features this lack of neutrality through the intermedia works of women and queer artists. As a practice, intermediality provides new ways of contesting the divisions between art, politics, and society, and, therefore, the ‘inter’ component offers a dynamism that exposes how alterity precedes and decenters subjective and social identities (Intermedialities 2011). This show will not only present works that demonstrate what decentering and disrupting social divisions look like, but it will also narrativize the necessity of dynamic artistic practices as related to identities routinely threatened by nation-state policies and policing. Working between mediums while existing in-between modes of embodiment elicits a unique textuality that is often-times ignored, absent, or entirely misread in the public sphere. With this show, viewers simultaneously experience texts as intimate moments and bold celebration, ritual and performance, and healing and recovery. By the end, patrons will be prompted to reckon with the in-between, the invigorating and frustrating dynamism of such, and reject the possibility that any account can be neutral.

 Supported by the James H. McNulty Chair of English, SUNY Buffalo


  • Maps, by Abhipsa Chakraborty.

    About: Abhipsa Chakraborty is currently in the PhD English program at UB. Her art is continuous with her ongoing interest in abstraction and atonality in her academic research.

  • 103shots filmstills san francisco pride doloris park 20160626 zen cohen 001 by CASSIL.

    About: CASSILS is a visual artist working in live performance, film, sound, sculpture, and photography.

  • Gabrielle Portrait.

    About: Gabrielle Civil is a black feminist performance artist, originally from Detroit, MI.

  • Halley Marie Shaw artwork.

    About: Halley Marie Shaw (HMS) is a queer/pan femme multi-media artist and writer based in Atlanta GA. She has performed and been featured in local venues, though actively connects with artists across the country to create and revise collage works.

  • Pain + Release.

    About: Julia Rose Sutherland is a Canadian born artist who is a member of the Mi'Kmaq Metepangina tribe. She works interdisciplinary and utilizes mediums such as photography, sculpture and performance.

  • Quinn and Dennis, by Sam Moyer-Kardos.

    About: Sam Moyer-Kardos is a New York City-based artist who identifies as gender non-binary and queer. Their intention is to paint portraits that put LGBTQ+ people front and center, rather than being silenced by societal norms.

  • A Quiet Belief, by Vincent Tiley.

    About: Born in West Virginia, New York based artist Vincent Tiley received a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. His work has been featured and reviewed in Art in America, Chicago Tribune, Performa, and The New York Times.

Event Schedule

OPENING NIGHT WITH ARTIST TALK: Tuesday, Dec. 15th 2020, 7pm EST

“Protesting Through Traditional Craft” with Julia Rose Sutherland

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FILM SCREENING: Wednesday, Dec. 16th 2020, 7pm EST

Screening of 103 Shots(2016) by Cassils & Discussion

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ARTIST TALK: Friday, Dec. 18th 2020, 7pm EST

“Big Packer Energy” with Sam Moyer-Kardos

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ARTIST TALK: Friday, January 8th 2021 @ 7pm EST

“The Origins of Color” with Vincent Tiley

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FILMED PERFORMANCE SCREENING: Wednesday, January 13th 2021 @ 7pm EST

Fugue (Da Montréal) (2014) by Gabrielle Civil

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ARTIST TALK: Friday, January 15th 2021 @ 7pm EST

“Séances” with Gabrielle Civil

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