Protesting Through Traditional Craft

Julia Rose Sutherland
Tuesday, Dec. 15th 2020, 7pm EST


This lecture will discuss the events of Friday, June 12 2020, when the artist’s cousin Rodney Levi was shot twice in the chest and killed by the hands of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer on the Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation reservation. The shared artwork is a response to police brutality in North America, and, in particular, that of Turtle Island (Canada) and the ongoing colonial genocide of First Nations peoples. The talk will display a process video of the word “Police” being embroidered while the artist gives an account on the subject matter of craft as mediation and resistance against ongoing violence.

  • Pain + Release.

    About: Julia Rose Sutherland is a Canadian born artist who is a member of the Mi'Kmaq Metepangina tribe. She works interdisciplinary and utilizes mediums such as photography, sculpture and performance.

Opening Night + Artist Talk with Julia Rose Sutherland

Recorded December 15, 2020, 

After an opening lecture by the curator of Being In-Between / In-Between Being, Jocelyn E. Marshall, interdisciplinary artist Julia Rose Sutherland presents her work on “Protesting Through Traditional Craft.”